Not Able To Receive The Confirmation Code For Business Account

@SG.Mandal We’ve been facing problems accessing our Revolut Business account, everytime we try to login, whether through the website or the Revolut Business app, it requires the confirmation of access by sending a code to our email, but it turns out that we do not receive any of the confirmation codes sent by Revolut.

The last time we were able to receive a login confirmation email was May 24th, since then we have been unable to access the account.

We’re sorry for sending this message in this topic, we know we should have created a new topic for this, but we weren’t able to find a way to create a proper new topic here in the community. Could you please help us with this issue? We have sent emails to but we haven’t received any response yet.

Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to our community @Ingreentech :wave: . So sorry to hear that you are not receiving the confirmation code. :frowning_face:

Kindly check this FAQ link as this will help you to resolve your issue. :ninja:

SG | Community Team

as this is a public forum, you might wish to redact your email address from your post…

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@SG.Mandal Thank you for your reply.
I’ve followed the informations suggested on the FAQ page you shared.
But yet, our email is not receiving the verification codes sent by Revolut.

The email is working perfectly (even the notifications from this comunnity is being send to the inbox), we’ve checked our spam and we’ve even added to our “safe senders” list as suggested in the FAQ page, but still no code has arrived when we try to login.
I really think this problem might be from the Revolut’s side.

We are kindly looking forward to the solution of this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you @Graham_Lees for the warning/reminder.

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@Ingreentech, I am sorry that your problem has not been solved yet. Trust me, I can understand how does it feel. :frowning_face:

Kindly contact us here so that we can look into your issue individually. Don’t worry, your issue will be resolved soon. :hammer_and_wrench:

Thanks for letting them know about our community @Graham_Lees. :star:

SG | Community Team

Hi, since three days I have been unable to login to the account for my Revoult business. I have tried many times, but unfortunately, I am unable to get a confirmation email. I have checked my domain, which is working fine.

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Welcome to our community @imperialgateway :wave: .

So sorry to hear that you are unable to get the confirmation code. :frowning_face: Can you please check the FAQ link I have mentioned in the solution? :thinking: This will help you to resolve your concern. :slightly_smiling_face:

SG | Community Team

I have complied with the advice provided on the FAQ page.
However, the Revolut verification codes are not reaching our inbox.

Even though the email is functioning perfectly (all alerts from this community are delivered to the inbox), I have checked our spam folder and even placed to our list of “safe senders” as advised on the FAQ page, the code for our login is yet to appear.

I sincerely anticipate finding a solution to this problem.

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I completely get your concern @imperialgateway. :expressionless:

Can you please check the link which I have provided before your first message? :thinking: Kindly contact us through that link so that we can help you right away. :pray:

SG | Community Team

Have you checked that the email address you entered actually matches your actual email address?
It might sound a silly comment, but even I have been known to make an undetected mistake in the address - dots in the wrong place and no @ symbol for example… the addresses “looked” right, but were clearly not!

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I couldn’t able to get in touch with the above link, the option are not accurate.

Kindly contact us through our **social media channels

Revolut for Business users can also start a chat without signing in here (there is a chat icon in the lower right). - This option is not available

Can you please provide any alternative portal to get in touch with the live agent, its very important for me to get access to the account

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I have checked every word of the email, and it’s all correct.i think its a internal issue


@imperialgateway , Can you please check the link now here? It will help you to contact the Business team.

You can also check our FAQ link where you can see the ways to contact us. :pray:

SG | Community Team

It was just a wild thought - good that you have checked and it all seems correctly formed, so that possibility can at least now be discounted…

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Hi Mandal,

I appreciate your quick response; however, the contact form link is not getting generated. Is there a way I can get in touch with a live agent in order to resolve the issue, or is there a way that you can connect me with a live agent to get this resolved?

I have gone through all FAQs but unfortunately, there is no way to connect to the live agent without logging in to the application.

my bussiness needs are on day to day transaction and it is very important to have access to the account

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@imperialgateway, Please check the FAQ link I have provided just before Graham’s reply. You can see the ways to contact us without logging in to your application. Hope that helps. :pray:

SG | Community Team


I would like to say that, after following all the advice, we’re still unable to connect to our account.

@imperialgateway we know what you’re going through, we are over one week without being able to access ou account too, beacuse the login code is not sent to our email, just like in your case.

@SG.Mandal we have have fulfilled the form you shared. Could you please help us with this? As you see, @imperialgateway are facing the same problem, so it’s definitely a problem from the Revolut Business’ technical side.

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I am really sorry that your issue has not been resolved yet @Ingreentech. :frowning_face:

This is a public forum and for this problem, we need to have some of your personal details. Therefore, we are requesting you to kindly contact our business team directly so that your issue can be resolved. :pray:

Kindly check this FAQ link where you can contact them by chat without logging in to your app. :hammer_and_wrench:

SG | Community Team

I too have this problem.

Have Revolut sorted it yet ?

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