Inviting an Employee or Team Member to a Business Account?

Have you created your Revolut Business account? Is your team growing? Would you like the rest of your team to have a card :credit_card: and to manage their expenses :receipt:?

Here you will find out how to invite, remove or block new members :briefcase:

:heavy_plus_sign: Invite

Once your account is created, it’s time to invite your team!

:person_raising_hand:You can invite new team members by going to the ‘Team’ tab on the top, and select ‘Invite’. The employee email will be required for the team member to receive the invitation :e-mail:. Please remember that the email address must not be linked to another Revolut Business account.

:lock_with_ink_pen:After inviting your team member, you will need to select the employee role, to decide which are those permissions and functionalities that the invitee will be able to access, such as the possibility to order cards, make transfers, consult the total funds in the account, etc.

:next_track_button: Are you worried about how to manage the functionality? :thinking: Don’t worry, in a separate article, we will discuss how to manage the functionalities of different roles and what access you can provide to your team.

:no_entry_sign: Delete or block

Do you want to delete or block a team member? Easy peasy, just go to the ‘Team’ tab from the home screen, choose the desired team member and select ‘Block or delete’ under the employee profile.

If you want to view any blocked team members around the team members list, they will appear with the ‘Terminated’ status.

Deleted team members will be removed from the account. If you want to add them again, you can always follow the invitation process stated above :arrow_heading_up:

:person_in_tuxedo::id: In the next article we will explain which documents the invitee will need to provide after receiving the email, and very soon we will talk about how to manage the different roles and permissions of the members linked to the business account :man_technologist:

Till then hit the “like” button if you find these instructions super easy to follow. If you don’t know how to open the business account, check it out here.

Pere | Community Team

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I enjoy seeing all these posts (though don’t have a revolut business account), are you able to share general details ie how many UK customers have business accounts, and the rate of which those are active, and possibly the age?

I’m curious on the numbers perspective given there’s no banking licence in the UK yet.

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Hello @Carl_1460 ,

In our latest data release, by the end of 2022, 2000 businesses were activating on Revolut Business every week.
:rocket: Revolut Business was launched in 2017, and by November 2022 £110bn transactions were precessed by our business customers.

:up: Our community of businesses is growing significantly every day, if you would like to join, you can do it through the following link (Sign up for Revolut Business).
If you have any additional questions during the application process, please do not hesitate to write a comment :speech_balloon:

Pere | Community Business Team


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