How To Join A Revolut Business Account As An Employee ๐Ÿ’ผ

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:office:+ :frowning_man: Wondering how to join business account as an employee? Well! First thing first you need to ask your employer to add you as an employee, as invitation plays a vital role here. The invitation steps can be found here.

:technologist:You can follow the sign-up process through your computer browser or through our :calling:Revolut Business mobile app (black icon). We would recommend you to follow it through the mobile app, because you need to have an access to your phone camera :camera_flash:

:globe_with_meridians:This process can also be followed through your computer browser, and once your identity verification is required, you will be asked to scan a QR code using your phone camera for taking a pictures of your ID and a selfie :selfie:

After being invited, you will have two ways of setting up your Business account as an employee.

1- Follow the Sign Up process from here and select the โ€œJoin a companyโ€ option.
2- Through the invitation email that you will receive from the account admin to join the company.

:id:After that, you will be asked for your personal details and ID, to access the company platform as a new user.

:wrench:If you need more permissions or functionalities to manage your employee profile or funds, you can contact your team mate who manages the business account.

:incoming_envelope:Have you received an email invitation yet :question: Do you have any questions about the process :question: Leave a comment below :person_raising_hand: :arrow_double_down:

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