How Can I Invite And Manage My Team Roles?

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For those of you using Revolut Business, you may already be aware that Team members are colleagues or employees you’ve invited, from within the Teams tab, to join your Business account. To accept the invitation, they’ll need to submit a few documents. After that, they’re in! But how do you invite them in the first place? And how do you manage their permissions after they’ve joined your Team?

In order to invite Team members, you must be an Account Admin. Then, you can invite as many Team members as you like, at no additional cost. The permissions you set for a Team member allow you to control the access they have to certain tools or account information.

To invite a Team member, follow these steps: :heavy_plus_sign:

  1. From the Team tab, select Invite
  2. As explained in our article here, enter the employee email to send them the invitation

Then, to manage their permissions: :eyes:

  1. From the Team tab, select a team member
  2. Select Role, or ‘+’ to create a new role, and then select View to edit the role permissions

What permissions can I manage? :thinking:

You’ll be able to give your Team members permission to view account balances, approve payments, or generate new cards.

What roles can I create? :briefcase:

If you want, you can use some of our ‘default’ roles, like Admin, Accountant, Member, or Viewer. These roles can’t be edited, and each of them has different permissions. For more details check this FAQ link. :rewind:

You can also customise a role, which means you’ll need to create a brand-new one. This way, you have total control over the permissions you set for it.

Other Owners or Admins are also able to invite, or manage, your team members’ permissions.

We hope this article helps you build the team — and permissions — that your business needs! If you have any questions, drop them below as always. :arrow_down:

Pere | Community Business Team