Identification Issue

nie mam karty i ie mogę się do aplikacji zalogować …czego nie ogarniacie - kasę oddajcie

I do not understand you. Please stop replying to me in an language I do not understand. Thank you.

How a i can Complaints my account ? i need do it asap

Hi I’m not given the option on my app to verify my identity

I’m having a similar problem trying to identify myself. When I created the account I couldn’t get the photo of the ID card either and I did it through chat. Now with Brexit the app asked me to make new identification and I have the same problem again (and why a new identification if the one I sent by chat at the beginning is still valid?).
I click to take the picture, I take the picture (and yes it’s well focused, framed, I’ve done it hundreds of times) and the it is like the screen freezes and doesn’t go further. After a few minutes it gives me the chance to take another picture and it behaves the same way, it doesn’t go forward.
Now, I have the account frozen, I can’t do anything with it. For everything it asks me to confirm the identity, even to start a new chat. And I can’t identify myself! I don’t know what I can do more.

Hello everyone. I am Claudio and I am new. Just received my physical card today but i am not able to access and link it to the app as identity verification is still in progress. Can someone help? Thanks