Identification Issue

nie mam karty i ie mogę się do aplikacji zalogować …czego nie ogarniacie - kasę oddajcie

I do not understand you. Please stop replying to me in an language I do not understand. Thank you.

How a i can Complaints my account ? i need do it asap

Hi I’m not given the option on my app to verify my identity

I’m having a similar problem trying to identify myself. When I created the account I couldn’t get the photo of the ID card either and I did it through chat. Now with Brexit the app asked me to make new identification and I have the same problem again (and why a new identification if the one I sent by chat at the beginning is still valid?).
I click to take the picture, I take the picture (and yes it’s well focused, framed, I’ve done it hundreds of times) and the it is like the screen freezes and doesn’t go further. After a few minutes it gives me the chance to take another picture and it behaves the same way, it doesn’t go forward.
Now, I have the account frozen, I can’t do anything with it. For everything it asks me to confirm the identity, even to start a new chat. And I can’t identify myself! I don’t know what I can do more.

Hello everyone. I am Claudio and I am new. Just received my physical card today but i am not able to access and link it to the app as identity verification is still in progress. Can someone help? Thanks

Hello !

I am experiencing an issue on Android 5 where when the take selfie screen appears where I need to position the camera correctly it closes after like 2 seconds and I am moved back to screen that says “Let’s take a quick sefie to check it’s really you” and if I press “Continue” same thing happens again.

I hope there is some solution to this problem.

Thanks !

Hello there ! I received today a identity confirmation email, which I completed. I live and work in England for a month now, and Revolut asked me to put my UK ID but I am French, so I put my official french ID. Is it ok? I could not put my rent or work contract on the Revolut app to justify where I live, this is quite weird not to take foreign workers in consideration.
Thank you for your help

Hello Everyone!

I have an issue, I have changed my phone and deleted the app to reinstall it in my new phone, and since then I am not able to access my account, they tell me my phone number is already used (which is normal cuz I changed my phone and kept the same number).

Could someone help me please? It has been the case since February : (

Thank you

Try to contact them on twitter or facebook, e.g.

I am facing an issue with photo verification on the application … it does not uploading the selfie, why? Any suggestions what to do?

Hey guys, its been a month now that i am asked to identify my ID Card and my face with a selfie, i have done more than 20 tries (even shaved) but still i get the same old message - ur photos might have been blurry try etc. I believe some of the photos that i have taken were as good as it gets thus i have really lost hope on making it work with that process. Now honestly i wouldnt care that much but i do have a couple of bucks in my revolut card which are now deemed unusable… Can someone aid me or the revolut team do something about it?

I have a different issue, but I didn’t allow me to create a new topic, so I will post it here… Forgive me.

Revolut got updated and since then it asked me to verify an email, and then take a selfie picture. The picture is taken in half a second but then it goes back to the screen asking me to take a selfie, no matter what picture I take…

Please I cannot access my money …

during reverification process i have an issue as the email used for creation is not available anymore (i totally forgot that was this one i used).
So i got a phone verification code send to an unavailable adress. Hence, app is not usable anymore.
Support cannot be reach (as phone is voice message only), any chance here ?

Hello, I’ve looked for a solution firor identification bug I have but I haven’t found it (sorry if there was already a question about this). I cannot do identification because I get this message (attached), tried for a week already. Do you know what’s the problem?

I have the same problem as you, what did you do to fix them?

Je ne reçois pas le mail de validation, ni dans les spams et je ne peux donc pas accéder à mon compte et me servir de mon argent. Help !