Identification Issue


Hi there. I tried to make the identification process. But it always doesnt work by the last step where i have to make a selfie. It doesnt matter if i use the drivers license, the identification card or the passport. In the chat nobody anser. Please help how can i finish the identification process


What exactly does not work? The chat can take some time, just wait. And did you make sure you requested an actual person by typing “live agent”?


Your ID document needs to be in good condition with an accurate photo, is it the case?


Yes the documents are in good condition. By the last step where i have to make a selfie i can make the picture but the process doesnt go furter. It stops there and after a while im able to make another photo but nothing happened. I got now an answer in the chat and they forwarded me. I uploaded the pics in the chat. We will see when i get the next answer.


Hello Same thing for me, it took the selfie but then doesn’t go further.
Cyrill can you tell me how you succeed?


Do you have a message from the App?



No there is no message. The application face check has taken the selfie but is like frozen. The only action I have is to return, and then it asks me to do face check again.

I have android 6.0.1 on LeEco phone X829

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Are you using the stock camera app ? If not try to uninstall the one you are using currently. If yes then try with another camera application.


I did the registration over the chat. I don’t know what the problem exactly was.


Then issue fixer :slight_smile:



My phone has the same issue as reported here.

The phone take the front identity card but does not recongnise the back one.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I’m using a Oneplus 3 with a camera issue (but sometimes it focus).