How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

Same, Dutch accounting software needs MT940 to be used as a format.

UK cashback on all purchases at least 1% (not capped at monthly fee).

Mobile phone insurance for already purchased devices.

UK breakdown cover.

Sure, who wouldn‘t like that, but how’s Revolut going to afford this? Domestic card transactions still have the same cap. Do you think the percentage of interregional transactions (between the UK and EEA for example) is large enough? If you‘re spending in the UK, interchange is still 0.2%. And consider how top-ups by card are expensive for Revolut.


They make plenty by the fee, more sign ups. More revenue.

It was a suggestion, even 0.5% is better than nothing. The perks of metal likely cost very little given majority don’t claim etc

Revolut used to not limit cashback to the monthly plan fee. Card top up processing costs actually more than interchange. Of course their idea is to make money with their subscriptions, not just operate cost neutral. My guess is substantial cashback would not be sustainable. They would have to cross subsidize it with something else like crypto or work with affiliate partner businesses.

A cashback of 1% could be possible if it is restricted to a select amount of stores that agree to sign some deal with Revolut. For example if some restaurants that a Revolut customer would not visit regularly offer a cashback it is likely that they will get more customers and generate more revenue. If the restaurant agrees to give back like 1.5% to Revolut and Revolut gives a cashback of 1% to its customers it might be a win-win case for everyone.

Of course it is up for debate if Revolut would consider such thing as it will take time and effort and Revolut is already busy trying to expand its market and update their products.

Yep, that’s what I referred to as affiliate partners where business pay commissions.

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Revolut is already doing that, at least in the UK. Although that is open to all customers, not just the premium/metal ones. There are currently surprisingly many stores that participate, I haven’t counted but could easily be 50. There’s 1% at Amazon, 2% at Marks & Spencer and 3% at Swarovski (I know, I know…).


Then it depends on the country as in The Netherlands such offer is not available (maybe yet).

They do affiliate marketing with “Shops”, “Rewards” and “Stays”, yes. But that works a little differently than the cashback scheme Curve or US credit cards offer, where you just pay with the card and that’s all you need to do.

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Would be nice to have more than 10 “free” trades monthly to be able to use revolut for stocks trading on a consistent daily basis. I guess 10 free trades are enough for long time investors but daily or trend traders are affected by this unfortunately. Same with the top 3 day-trades/5 working days period. Maybe this can be looked over? I’m not sure if this is something that’s going to be affected by the stocks/trading portfolios moving over to Bank of Lithuania.

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Just imagine being able to travel and you’ve got £500 to £1000 budgeted for spending on the holiday an extra £5-10 is an extra meal or can go to charity or whatever. Also when you reach the £5K to £10K mark for spending it reaching £50 to £100 which is a lot in my opinion. So my personal recommendation is to provide a plan with no weekend fees. Charging extra money for the Ultra plan is the whole point, in my opinion.

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Also another major feature folks will live for an Ultra plan:

No weekend fees. I am super financially conscious and the reason I like paying for stuff is so that I know I’m getting all this stuff and I’m saving overall. Hence, having no weekend fees takes another issue off my head and my brain can relax completely with full ease of mind. I think this service should only be for Ultra users.


It seems weekend fees still apply for Ultra plan.

This should be added! It’s really great idea!

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Have you seen the ULTRAL Plan’s price? :wink:

I agree with Metal or Ultra plans having more than 10 “free” trades a month. Especially as Revolut used to offer unlimited free trades for Metal plans some while back.

I disagree about the day trading limit but only because I personally don’t think day trading is great, as it’s trying to gamify/gamble on short term rather than choose companies for what they do and their long term value etc.

But definitly is limiting to have 10 ‘free’ trades only per month. If most people budget from monthly earnings or salary and if they are putting money aside in to stocks each month (which is good savings planning) - it would be common for people to have chosen more than ten companies I would wager.
So having the limit of ten “free” trades means you can’t save to all of the stocks per month and you then end up unbalanced across your chosen stocks.


For me one addition to the Metal or the new Ultra plan, would be to bring back unlimited stock trading commision free.
This used to be an option for Metal customers exculsively but Revolut removed this down to a 10 free trades per month limit (which doesn’t roll over).

Seeing the cost of the new Ultra plan, I feel that there is enough profit margin for Revolut to offer unlimited commision free stock trading for the Ultra plan users perhaps.

For me its a major holdback from using Revolut more.