How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


Hi Revolut community, in our continuous mission to keep increasing consumer value, we would love to hear your thoughts on what else we could add in our current premium/metal plan.


no idea is too crazy :wink:


More than 0.1 % cashback within Europe would be nice.
Considering that I get 0.5 % cashback with my Amazon credit card (in Germany) and even 3 % on Amazon orders.

Perhaps you could enter some partnerships with various merchants for which you can also offer higher cashback rates?


Free device insurance for Metal users or at least a higher discount than the 20 % that Premium users already get.


interesting, will explore


No / lower added markup fees on weekends.
Currently they are 0.5 % for the major & 1 % for minor currencies due to market fluctuations.


Include other memberships for free (perhaps Metal only) like:

  • Feedly / Inoreader
  • Google Drive (100 GB)
  • 1Password

There will obviously be lots of services that not everyone is interested in so perhaps it would be interesting if the user could choose say 2 memberships of a bigger selection.
This could also be applied to other benefits not just the memberships.


This idea would be nice as a free feature as well but it might come with some work so I’ll propose it here:

An IBAN discrimination reporting feature where Revolut reports violations & handles all the communication so users don’t have to go through the hassle of all the bureaucracy.

IBAN discrimination is definitely still a problem in a lot of EU countries. And it keeps me from switching to Revolut completely.
See reports in: Local IBAN


Replicate the Curve feature by allowing non-Revolut cards to be used.


Bicycle insurance or even a complete home contents insurance (including the bicycle obviously).


Ability to choose with no limitations (i.e. living in Germany or wherever the constraint applies) the brand and model of a spare card, i.e. getting specifically a Visa, a Maestro or a MasterCard…

Despite being a Metal subscriber, the only spare card I can get is an umpteenth MasterCard, which I already have enough.


A card with a fixed number but a disposable CVC, either displayed in a little screen embedded in the card (like Orange Bank will launch next March) or in-app based. No clue if the latter already exists, though.


Save some money by removing the useless Concierge facility.

Then improve the Premium/Metal content by finally being serious about the basics…like Apple Pay. And do something concrete to remove DCC once and for all.


offer a real debit mastercard or visa with 3d secure. we hate prepaid cards.


yes concierge is useless


unlimited virtual cards would be fine (pls no prepaid)


Insurance on the money in Revolut.
Insurance cover on business trips (if not already included)
Insurance for entire trip if longer than 40 days, if not possible, insure the first 40 days of the trip
Insure cash withdrawn from ATM, like N26 premium tiers
LongueKey membership
More cashback in the EU and abroad
The ability to choose the card issuer, currently limited to only Mastercard but Visa and Maestro exist too.
Proper debit cards.
No ATM withdrawal limit.
The ability to order a spare metal card, to keep in a safe during travel, for example. I’d be fine with paying for this luxury.
Bunq style cards, where the security code is shown in the app and changes every 5 minutes.
No weekend markup, replace this with amending the amount charged to what the exchange rate is on the day the transaction clears.
If not possible to remove ATM limit, make the ATM limit roll over.
Partner with a concierge that isn’t garbage.
Include mobile insurance and perhaps breakdown cover within the EU. Nationwide does this and at a cheaper price than Revolut Metal.
The ability to change names on transactions for yourself, this would be a game changer to make me buy it, considering your staff never bother with changing merchant names.
Being able to change default currency, for those of us paid in one currency while living in another country that uses a different currency.

  1. Remove “Concierge”. This is completely useless service, and it’s a pain to see Revolut paying even $0.01/month/user for it (and probably it is more)

  2. Solve DCC problem

  3. Insurance covering also Swiss users

  4. Monthly ATM limit accumulating up to some amount, if not used (for Metal only)


I did not know that actually existed. This is what I meant with:

A card with a fixed number but a disposable CVC, either displayed in a little screen embedded in the card (like Orange Bank will launch next March) or in-app based. No clue if the latter already exists, though.


Bunq does this :ok_hand:t2: