How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

I extensively use “notes” on my expenses - add the possibility to export those notes along with the expense list (pdf/excel)

This will definitely attract my eye!

I would pay for this feature, in Revolut app

I would love to see flight booking as a great feature and compliment to hotel bookin :+1:t3::flight_departure::flight_arrival:

In app shopping instead of the current system that I have failed to use as I’m no PC user :weary:

Interesting, I wonder how many of your recent hotel booking have you made in Revolut instead of any other way you would regularly do, just out of curiosity

agree - the cap on cashback is ridiculous - just enough to cover the subscription!!

I am genius level 3 on
I something get free breakfast, free room upgrade, or discount

I check the price in the Revolut app, but i haven’t found a good deal yet

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You guys have cashback limits? Wow. That’s not a thing in our market - cashback is unlimited (subject to being 0.1% of domestic transactions and 1% of foreign ones of course).

My vote would definitely be for:
a) a substantial increase in fee-free international transfers (three is anaemic - especially when you charge us $250 a year for the card. If it can’t be unlimited, it should be at least the 10 that some markets had)
b) improve pockets so they actually work - our domestic market doesn’t have a concept of marking payments as “recurring”, so the pockets feature is literally useless. If we could use matching against the merchant identifier, that would be far more useful

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Abolish the upper age limit on Revoluts travel insurance in the UK. At the moment, it only covers those aged under 75.

The policy in the EU has already abolished this age limit.

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@Mariana_Rodrigues @SG.Mandal

Let make 2023 better

a brief summary of what i’m looking from Revolut as Improvement

Card :
• Credit Card for all EEA clients
• More than 0.1 % cashback within Europe would be nice
Upgrade for Real Visa infinity or real world elite mastercard
With unlimited access to Airport lounge, concierge, and perks
Why not Miles ?

• more local banking details, specially US, CAD, AUD (Wise is already doing it)
• Give a local IBAN, (already done for FR and Ireland)
• more supported currencies in the wallet
• ability to change my base currency manually
• Add more currencies for International transfer (Like MAD for exemple)
• For FX, Ok i admit for EURUSD you’re good, very good, i saw 0,0001 difference between revolut app and my bloomberg screen, but be more competitive in other currencies, sometime its huge, on-board more counter-parties and adjut your execution algo, for the weekend mark up, i know you need to hedge yourself, but come on its huge, you can reduce it

Overdraf, loans and Paylater
• Overdraft is the basics
• Loans for the rest of Europe not only some markets
• but also instant loan (Lydia french fintech in already doing it, it’s a capped instant loan payable in 3times)
I want you to disturb the loan market

Vaults and Saving account
• Ability to transfer between Vaults (it’s simple feature, come on guys)
• Ability to add multiple transfer rules (like one auto transfer every month and one every week to the same vault)
• Saving Vaults in EUR, USD GBP and other currencies for all clients
• IBAN for a vault

• Recuring buys (I want to automate my investment)
• Add more commodities

• Hot Wallet
• Lightening network support
• Staking
• Reduce the fees

Revolut Trading
I want a real Wealth and trading Platform, not only a securities account
• include all US stock
• Include all European stock
• include Asian stocks
• include Fixed income, ( be innovative, include CFD on it, as we can invest as little as 1€)
• ETF, and leveraged ETF ( ETF x 3), not only for stock but also for bonds, commodities, index, industries, with difference provider (vanguard, blackrock, amundi …)
• Include Derivatives ( option, turbo, warrant, structured product, autocall…)
• Include Mutual Funds from external provider ( pimco, blackrock, rothschild …)
• Ability to put order in a new IPO
• Ability to short stock in all market
• margin Trading in different currencies, with a reasonable price with stocks as collateral
• W-8BEN for us dividend
• ISA account in coming, but not Only for UK, i want to have French one ( PEA and PEA PME)
• a robot investing or autopilot
with 5 option :
o Very conservative (10% equity 90% fixed income)
o Conservative (30% equity 70% fixed income)
o Balanced (50% equity 50% fixed income)
o aggressive (70% equity 30% fixed income)
o Very aggressive (90% equity 10% fixed income)
For the design of the trading part, its should be completely changed, we need more information
ok News and stories in good but we need more data, i need financial report, consensus, estimates


Add more local charities

A real support By phone, not only with chat,

WEB access
I want to have the same access I have in phone or ipad but on a laptop

Cash, top up
• Ability to deposit Cash in Europe
• as we start on-boarding Asian and american user, ability to top up with american express card or Union pay

• Include phone insurance in Metal plan
• Car insurance
Home insurance
and why not life insurance




To be honest, well done!!! Can’t think of anything more to add. :clap:


Rev beat us to it, the best way to make METAL better seems to be… to create a new level, ULTRA :slight_smile: I am guessing with all those perks removed from the Metal over the las 10 months :slight_smile: . I’d be very surprised should they add something above of what Metal had and has not anymore. but hey…
Wanna guess?


Metal was introduced in 2018. The recent changes weren’t the only changes.

I guess you’re right to some extend, some things like free lounge passes will be reintroduced. But based on informations currently available, I believe Ultra will also have some services that are new.