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Ok, has anybody with Android downloaded beta version of this app? I am in this program, but I still have standard version of the app (5.4.0, non beta)


are non-beta users also at 5.4.0?


This is how it looks like:
General view

In beta app

In Revolut app


Heard nothing and applied for the beta iOS app.


Revolut always seems to roll out gradually (or is it Google?) but I, at least, was offered 5.4 last night and I am not in the beta program.


it looks like we were kicked out of the beta program…

but no. the testing/ link says I’m still in.


I believe that we’re still in, but beta app wasn’t rolled out yet.


The latest beta test version (iOS) is Version 5.4 (build 2695)


Yes it looks like there hasn’t been an Android beta version released yet. As 5.4.0 on Android is the latest normal release.


Good to hear that I’m not the only one. I have the same “”“problem”"".


It looks that update haven’t been released for more then 11 days. (iOS)


Add me to the beta please.

Thanks Steve


i want alsow to join BETA :wink:


So there is no beta for Android yet?


Do you mean beta app? AFAIK there is no beta app for Android.


Are beta tester for iOS still needed?


I am in If is still open !


I would like to become a beta user if is still available!


I didn’t get into the beta it seems (I signed up for it like a day after it was announced), but like I could use Google Pay the first day people said it started working. So I wonder if I’m kinda inbetween. My revolut email and my google address are just slightly different, so maybe my google username was wrongly filled in when you tried adding me to the beta program. I moved to Metal today and was wondering if I could still be added to the beta program too.


I don’t think the “beta” group for the app and Google Pay are the same. Google Pay users are picked based on other factors, I believe. Users reported that they were able to use Google Pay without having applied for the app beta.