Harder, BETA, Faster, Stronger: Help us build a radically better Revolut App! 📲

:mega:Update for Android: Some users may receive a message from Google Play Store that ‘Your account is not eligible for this app’s test program’. This happens because our team needs to manually add you to the Beta list before you can activate Test Mode in Google Play Store.


Ok! I am in! Let’s test.


Thank you & best regards

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@anon33247966 you really need a better and more convenient way to give feedback rather than sending an email. The most suitable would be to implement it into the beta apps.


Yeah, was looking for a “give feedback” button somewhere (either within TestFlight or Revolut itself), but could only try give feedback through force touch on the BETA app, but then failing because I don’t have my iOS Mail app set up for Gmail.

I think email is best for this. It’s flexible enough to add screenshots, annotated screenshots and so on.

When reporting a bug, I don’t want to do that on the phone. I might make a screenshot, but I would like to write the report always on a desktop computer. I would not find it more convenient at all if I had to do that from within the app. :wink:

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Why not both? Given that Revolut is mobile device targeted it would make sense to be able to report feedback without having to do it through email.

It just offers us testers more flexibility to be able to report things (i.e. I wanted to report some UX feedback regarding one of the new features - but since I couldn’t do this in an easy way, I’ll have to defer to doing it later/forgetting).

Cannot join the beta program.
No form on the LinkedIn site
Can you help @anon33247966?

Thank you

Just applied, waiting to be approved!

open the blog post and look for the large pink “start” button and fill the form

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so anybody got approved yet? I signed up 48h ago and not yet on Android.

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I got my invitation pretty quickly (same day), iOS though…

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Still waiting on Android.

Nothing so far (iOS)


5.2.0 for Android is rolling out buggy. BETA could have avoided this =)

Proper testing could have avoided this. Yes, it might be just a small oversight that can happen to any of us, however it is symptomatic for today’s software engineering landscape - its all betaware at best :crazy_face:


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that’s the difference between software engineering and just coding

Just realised, the title is a bloody reference to Daft Punk :sunglasses: :+1:

I hereby claim ownership of it :laughing:

I will forgo any royalty claims though if Mr. K can us give finally a hint when CHF topups via a local account are on the horizon and not just around the corner :wink: - @anon33247966, please, pleeeeeeeease :pray:

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Well, it seems as if the former has been brutally murdered at some point in the past 15 years and we are now just left with some quick fix that should last until the next quick fix :confused:

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Applied as soon as I saw the message on Twitter. Haven’t heard anything since

Just applied, hopefully I’m in the lucky 1000!