Harder, BETA, Faster, Stronger: Help us build a radically better Revolut App! 📲


Also in, if still needed :wink:


I’m in. :raised_hands:


Still waiting, applied right after their post :confused:


Is anybody with Android phone approved?
I have seen that it works for iOS users but haven’t seen positive info from Android users.

I mean email notification at least.


it seems it was a false alarm… like the new top-up currencies


Any update from any Android users yet? I haven’t had any confirmation through the app or email or any other means? Excited to try out some of the upcoming features


I have signed 20 minutes after they start beta program. Still haven’t received any mail with confirmation. So I’m another android user…


Pretty much the same for me, signed up pretty quickly, no news since… :frowning:


Same here… Maybe the 1000 were reached very quickly, but I can’t imagine that.


revolut announces things when they are at idea stage. there are many examples of this practice already.

they got our names, they’ll contact us once they actually have something now.


I am already using the Beta app :slight_smile:


You might want to add if iOS or Android.


iOS and I signed up in 15 mins when they announced so maybe that’s why they got me the invitation?


I’ve seen a few iOS users reported that they’re in but none Android user…


I haven’t reviceved any email but this link is working for me https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.revolut.revolut


Could you paste screenshot what you see after clicking it?
Finally- it works!!!


Yesterday this didn’t work for me, now it does… Thank you really much :smirk:


thank you! worked for me too!


Guess I’m not in then :frowning: I’m on android too, but the link is still not working for me saying I’m not part of the beta program .


for me the link had a button to join the beta program