Harder, BETA, Faster, Stronger: Help us build a radically better Revolut App! 📲

Do any Revolut staff want to hit me up with beta access, @DimitrisLitsikakis @DavidRevolut @AndreasK

:wink: Im sure someone on the beta has closed their account by now

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I’m also up for beta testing if there are any spots available.

Me too! Sign me up for beta! :wink:

Sure count me in for beta test

If there’s any spot available for Android, I’m in! Thanks

Hello all I’m in if it’s possible :wink:

I can’t dowloafd the beta app on android, could you add me ?

sign me up too please :smiley:

If it’s possible, add me to the Beta. I will help with the app development.

Hi guys I’m in !!! Thanks !!! Cheers from Switzerland

I volunteer !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::balloon:

I want to testing revolut bêta Android

Put me in! :heart_eyes:

Iiiiiiiiiiif you need additional forces on the beta program I´d be interested. =)

Would absolutely be thrilled to be part of this, that wling abroad twice in next few months and usually use it as my main account in the UK! Would be amazing to test beta features and provide feedback!

If it’s possible, add me to the Beta. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello. I would like to become a beta tester. I have good knowledge about user flows in application. I understand how to troubleshoot software. I work as a data network communication expert. I use my Revolut Premium cards daily for all my transactions. I use FitPay (Fitbit Charge 3 on my arm) connected to my primary Revolut card daily.

I want in too :wink: I have been testing different prepaid cards etc… for years.

Help me beautifully I want to close my Premium and Metal subscription too. How can I do that?

Id love in on Beta testing. Especially if it means beta access to stock market exchanges - Is there any update on the release of this?

I would also like to be on Beta. Running Revolut on iOS (iPhone X).