Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


So my understanding is that you don’t have to unlock your phone for payment less that €30.

What happens if you lose your phone? Do you have to freeze the card? How do you do that without the Revolut app? You maybe do not want to freeze the card because you still have the physical card.


Can’t you turn this off? I always want to unlock my phone to pay… like Boon, Glase, etc.

I would manually turn on NFC when I need it and turn it off afterwards. There should be a timer that turns off NFC automatically after a few minutes. I don’t need NFC 24/7.

Edit: You obviously need an app to hide the NFC tile in locked mode only. :frowning:


You delete the card from your google payment profile.

Google will use another virtual card number for your transactions, so you don’t have to renew your physical card


Oh right, so when you get a new phone say you would/can re-add the same physical card again?


Yes, when you change phone or erase data on your phone you need to re-add the cards you want to use with google pay, they are not transferred with your google account between devices. This also means, that the hidden number will be different when you change the phone.


In my mind it raises the question why has one UK user above received a MasterCard, and I have a Visa but am also in the UK?


I think they originally issued MasterCards but switched to Visa at some point?


They still issue both MasterCard and Visa (and Maestro in some countries), but which one you’ll receive is random, depending on which is available :slight_smile:


Is that definitely true in the UK? Or could it be a regional thing?
If it is true, they really should give us the ability to choose.


They said there will be such an option in the future :+1:


Revolut, please fix this asap. I’ve tried to get a MC here in :austria:. Support told me that this is not possible! :frowning: Can I order a MC if I sign up for Premium temporarily (cancel it within 14 days of upgrading and pay for delivery fees)?


Hmmm, how do you know that? I have to unlock my phone each time when I want to pay. It doesn’t matter how much I want to spend…


Probably yes. They issue only MasterCard for premium users.


Had to return my Mastercard because of problems in TfL last time I was in London, and now they gave me… a Visa. No Google Pay for me now :disappointed_relieved:


Strange, my wife because of this has two cards. She hasn’t have to return the MasterCard.


I already had 2 cards: one Mastercard and one Visa.


My wife has two cards now, so she is able to use Google Pay (#metoo). What do you mean writing “return”? Have you been obliged to send them your MasterCard back?


No, but I could only add 2 physical cards at the same time (I had a Mastercard and a Visa). I told Revolut I wanted a replacement for my Mastercard (problem with TfL) and they sent me a Visa card. After I knew this, I asked if I could activate the Mastercard while Google Pay is not available for Visa, but they said that I couldn’t since I have asked for a new card. Well it’s life.


So please ask Andreas for help (by direct message). I believe he’ll help. :wink:


As i read here, Mastercard works with Google Pay, but VISA doesn’t.
Any reason for that?
Will VISA work too soon?