Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


These are beta test. After test finish GP will be introduced for both- Visa and MasterCard


I tried it out. Can pay less than 30 euro without unlocking (screen has to be on) and I paid 60 euro with the phone unlocked.


I asked support and they said online payments must be enabled :thinking:

Maybe @AndreasK can clarify? I’d prefer to disable online payments as I have a virtual card which I use exclusevly for online stuff.


It depends on the merchant too. When I tried to pay less than €30 at a certain store, although the phone was already unlocked, Google Pay asked to input the password again and tap it on the terminal once more. Tried it at the same store but in a different location and the same thing happened. Thought it was pretty strange :thinking:


Ok, I’ll try it tomorrow in Croatia. In Poland (with card other than Revolut) it was impossible.


You only need Online Payments on when you first enable Google Pay, but when paying in store it can eb disabled. I tried it myself in a store.


If you are that desperate for a MasterCard, sign up for Premium then cancel it. You’ll have to pay £5 to cancel but you’ll have your Mastercard.

Otherwise wait until Revolut adds an option to order a Visa or Mastercard.


AFAIK that will deactivate the Premium card too.


I don’t think so…


It won’t :+1: premium cards remain active even if you cancel the membership


I thought so. I’ve seen two people here do this. I mean, you paid for the card!


You pay 5 for the plan and then a 14 fee for canceling the service.

If you are on the Monthly Plan, you have the option for early termination at any time within the first 10 months. A £14/€16 fee will be deducted from your Revolut Premium account and your Premium membership will be cancelled. If you cancel in Month 11, as you are inside the 1-month notice period you will receive your subscription for the remainder of your 12-month Monthly Plan. Your subscription will not be auto-renewed for the next year.


I’m pretty sure the £14 cancellation fee doesn’t apply to the one free month trial you get.


There is no a free month any more. It was a ‘‘get to know’’ period when premium service introduced for the first time.


Fair enough, but still:

If you cancel your Revolut Premium membership within 14 days of upgrading:
If you have used any service exclusive to Premium (as listed here) or Standard services at a level above that is provided free of charge to Standard users, we will issue you a partial refund based on your usage of the Premium Services. So if you order a physical Revolut card and cancel your Premium membership, card and delivery fees will be deducted from your Revolut account before the Premium fee is refunded.

So what I said remains true, except you have 14 days to do it AND you didn’t use any of the premium features.


But to order a physical premium card it’s already a premium feature.


No, that doesn’t count because you already got charged for the premium card and the delivery fee.


During the premium membership the order of the card it’s free.


Yes it’s free when you subscribe, but when you cancel within 14 days, they will charge you for the card and the delivery fee before refunding your premium subscription.


Oh I see, thanks! The premium at least looking card will remain active right?