Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


I was told by one of your support people before I purchased the Revolut Card that it supported Android Pay, I received my card today, and when I tried to link my card to my android phone I get an error message saying basically, your card dosen’t support Android Pay and to contact your Bank.
Can you once again confirm if the Card does or does not support Android Pay.

Android Pay support

Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Top up via Apple pay is available :slight_smile: Apple pay for spending is not yet supported, however, we’re working on it.


Andreas K.


And the same goes for Android Pay, @john12 :wink:


And last but not least: it will be"in a couple of weeks" :joy: :rofl:


This is the most perfect and accurate comment in the whole community :laughing:


We Have end of January and Revolut still doesn’t support Android Pay nor Masterpass payments


You referenced Apple Pay in your answer not Android Pay (which is now rebranded to Google Pay).

So can you confirm that you’re specifically working on supporting Google Pay as well?


It does not currently support Android Pay, but at RevRally in Copenhagen they told us they are very close to having it supported. Just have to wait a little bit more.


I was really hoping to see Google Pay (formally Android Pay) supported and/or Samsung Pay … kinda poor showing really for an entirely internet based / app based card to not support these payment systems.

Please get it sorted for us!


Read my reply above, they are sorting it out!


Dunno if this answers your question but, at least for the virtual card, there is no way to pay with your phone and it is not expected to happen in the near future, confirmed by the official support. I attach you some proof


According to Nikolay and i think Chad. They talked about Android Pay coming very soon.


Time is a relative concept :joy::rofl::wink:


Are Revolut actually planning on implementing Google Pay? Is it in the works? If so at what stage? @AndreasK


What they said at RevRally Copenhagen was that it is under development and will soon be available.


Some answer on Twitter :yum:


Good news… Just have to wait…


That’s me by the way.


and yes it’s coming really soon.


And me, by the way :joy::rofl: