Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


I was able to pay in Latvia. MasterCard. US Google account.


yes! it is finally works. I added MC (previousely issued by PaySafe) to PL Google account.

Android Pay support

So, Revolut give me a Mastercard!


It works for both: Standard and Premium MasterCard


So… people in countries where Google Pay is not available are screwed (I’m from Portugal)?

I’m not sure of the consequences of faking an address in the UK to be able to use Google Pay…


Guys… you don’t need to fake anything… just search for Google Pay *.apk and install that. Works great!


The “maestro” Logo you see on the visual representation of some standard Revolut Mastercards added to Google Pay seems to be a display mistake for all I know.

You can see that it’s a Mastercard below in the screenshot, and if you read the card Info from the virtual Google Pay card the BIN and AID is still Mastercard in my test.

I do get a maestro logo after adding my “vintage” non-contactless Standard card too, but a Mastercard Logo for the premium MC and the virtual MC, but all have only a Mastercard AID when I read the actual data.

==> My guess would be: There is a wrong card picture in some database, probably will be fixed on release.
It’s not a functional change from what I’m seeing, which would be pretty weird anyways tbh
And it doesn’t seem like you can add the Revolut maestro card to Google Pay atm.

The alternative is that it’s a cool feature not really working yet :wink:


How does this google/android/apple/“whatever” pay works anyway? Assuming that revolut supports it, should it automatically work in all POS in all countries where contactless payments are accepted or there should be some support from POS side too?


All the contactless terminals in the world support Google Pay and Apple Pay.


By the way, does anyone know if “online transactions” are disabled does the Google Pay feature work?


My virtual VISA card is still not working with Google Pay.


This is another bad joke. Giving out only Visa cards to some customers and then they enable only MC cards for Google Pay? I know beta… blablabla


I enabled online transactions only for adding that card. Then I had only contactless allowed. It worked, when paying in store.


Had to get the apk from apkmirror, but otherwise I could finally add the Revolut card as well :slight_smile:
French address, no problem at all.


If you install the app from e.g. APKmirror you have to manually update the app right? It doesn’t appear in the installed apps in the Play Store.


yes, that’s right.


Indeed, but my hope is that Google Pay will be enabled in new countries very soon, it might be a matter of days. I’m assuming Revolut will do the official announcement around the same time.


I’ve added mine and it works. I’m going to be using this all the time as love the vault feature - it’s like spare change growing in a jar!


I can´t add my mc from wirecard with bin 535298 to google pay here in :austria:


Yesterday added my UK Mastercard to Google Pay, and tested today. It worked fine - in Germany.