Debit card issued by Revolut

@vagstef is that the “Black” metal color? Are you based in the EU?

BTW, if you have a Visa Infinite card you can get nice discounts with Hertz in Europe, plus automatic Hertz Five Star status which gives you free upgrades, too.


Yeah, this is the black, it was Mastercard few weeks ago but now its Visa. I live in Greece

Does this also apply if it is a debit card?

I know that Debit cards are likely not accepted at car rental places. Bunq for example started to issue “credit” cards while they are debit so customers could use their debit card technically everywhere as long as they have enough money on the card.

Always check the website of the rental company. Debit cards are widely accepted for rental cars in Europe, but usually not for all car categories. The information on a rental company’s website is usually very specific about this. And double check if you’re on a company’s regional website, a French rental is less likely to accept debit than a UK or German branch. Again, the informations provided about this on a car rental‘s website is usually really good, at least with the major brands.

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Outside Europe it is a different story (my experience in North Africa), they want a traditional card which was kind of an issue as I had a credit card(from Bunq but had enough money for the deposit) and Amex metal (which is not embossed). I ended up using the creditcard of a friend to get the car (well he got the car :rofl:).

For Revolut it could be interesting to offer “credit” cards with a very small limit, but this will come with a risk as people may not pay that back and what about credit checks etc.

Revolut is issuing credit cards already in Lithuania for a small number of customers through their banking license. I expect them to roll out this product in the next years in more markets.

Secured credit would be a simple way to limit their risk. I am not aware of an issuer in Europe offering secured credit. One could call the Bunq “credit” cards secured credit, since every payment is checked in realtime against a balance and all transactions are put aside –secured – before they’re actually debited at the end of the month.


Yeah, my one came on friday! Its metal, Black, MasterCard logo plated… Just GORGEOUS!!!

Actually, the reason they issue Infinite cards (or, for those of us in Australia, Platinum cards) is because the interchange (what the merchants bank pays the card issuer, Revolut) is significantly higher. Unrelated note, our BIN is 4739 46 issued by Revolut Ltd, type Debit, subtype Prepaid Platinum.

So debit also doesn’t mean not prepaid.

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Just ordered a new Metal USA card. Still prepaid, still MasterCard. All of the US cards seem to be MasterCard and prepaid. I would personally prefer a Visa debit rather than the MasterCard prepaid, but I’ll be surprised if they change it anytime soon here. The US is lagging far behind Revolut elsewhere in the world.