Debit card issued by Revolut

Hi Revolut, will you issue Debit Mastercards when the full IBAN will be offered instead of the Prepaid cards? Would have a better coverage for Some payments.


@anon13306872 Revolut is going to become licensed issuer of MasterCard really soon, and after that they will be able to provide their own BINs. That’s why are we waiting for Apple Pay, Premium Cards and other fancy features! :grinning: :r:


Very nice!!!

if it could be fixed before summer, it will be even better for the holiday. As well as the cards but dont think Revolut knows this already?

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What advantage does a company having its own BIN have?


@capital First thing is Apple Pay, Android Pay and worldwide expansion of the services requires MasterCard Principal Issuing Licence so that everything is under control and managed by Revolut. :r:


Thanks for the explanation.

Would the cards issued under the MasterCard Principal Issuing Licence still be a pre-paid card, or be an actual debit card?

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I think Debit, as they are going to launch a unique IBAN what make the card Debit :smiley: ,@Revolut correct me if I am wrong.

Hope this will happen before summer could be more useful on holiday.


I was under the impression that the current account system ( is powered by Lloyds, rather than Mastercard.

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So from what I’ve seen, the current Revolut cards are in fact MC Prepaid, rather than debit- that’s why we can observe a variety of issues with acceptance in self-service machines etc. Or can we? Any recent updates on the experience with self-service terminals?

What about this part of FAQ then? So is it or is it not a normal, usual MC Debit card?


Any news on this? I can’t link my card to Cabify or Airbnb, and I suspect it is because Revolut at the moment only offers prepaid cards.


We are still waiting unfortunately, maybe when they introduce the Metal cards it will become full Debit (credit). Instead of Prepaid Debit

Oh man, don’t get me started on the issues I am having in Japan. It’s a nightmare. Even if ATMs have all the Mastercard logos all around them the card is refused. It is refused in grocery stores with the swipe. It was refused in my hotel self serving payment machine…

It’s weird become I didn’t had any problem in Japan in 6 weeks this winter…


I ordered a new Visa card, and saw that compared to the first Visa cards. The Prepaid sign became much smaller.

I am still supporting full debit cards as this make it possible to make offline payments. Even without credit.

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I trust :r: will get proper cards once they become a licensed bank… but I bet they’ll ask for a payment for the “upgrade”

I don’t see why. In the UK all ‘real’ Debit cards are issued by banks, both legacy and challenger, free of charge.

I think Revolut’s business model and income stream are predicated mostly on premium/platinum membership and financial products driving their profitability. But non premium customers should still have access to the benefits of a full Debit card once issued.

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I’m just coming back from a Japan trip. No problems with Revolut MC card whatsoever. Worked everywhere from ATMs, Restaurants, grocery stores and small merchants whenever they accepted cards.


I ve tried in the Thalys last week but it did nit work.

Maybe bad luck or still no offline payment support.

Do you have MasterCard or Visa?

My revolut mastercard got rejected, with error clearly stating that they don’t accept prepaid cards. Then I created another virtual card in Revolut app, it was visa, and it worked. So maybe their newly issued cards are not prepaid anymore?