Debit card issued by Revolut

Services like limits, cashback and others are not bonded to the card, so basically it’s totally irrelevant which card you use. You can get a debit VISA card from Revolut for free if you’re on Metal.

@Recchan: Here is mine:

A friend of mine already had a Revolut MasterCard. Out of the blue they randomly received a Revolut debit card with no explanation as to why. They did not request one either.

What’s the first 6 digits of the card? 459642?

3 out of 5 metal colors are Visa now here.

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Same for me, you’re british? My visa colours are Gold/Rose/Black

Perhaps they’re running down old stock before fully transitioning all cards to Visa (in this market anyway)

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Oh, same here. So for now only visa will be available probably

Presumably this is part of their deal with Visa to launch across different markets

Visa give them the legal help to launch by using their extensive history operating in most of the world, and Revolut in turn transition to Visa (75% of cards iirc must be issued as Visa eventually)

Metal cards are expensive so I’m assuming they did run-down the stock of MasterCard’s and now they’re transitioning over to Visa