Debit card issued by Revolut

@alyssaholden I can confirm this to you! Since I bought my smartwatch (Galaxy Watch 4) I’ve been using Revolut as my default card. And it worked also directly without internet-connection.

I think its the same like in the Apple/Google Pay-Apps. They are regenerating a virtual card which works exactly like your phyisical one. This means its just an emulated NFC/RFID-Chip which is also built in into your card.

It’s a little trickier.

Apple Pay and Google Pay generate a number of one time tokens on your device (phone or watch). Google uses “host card emulation” for this. This means, Google Pay devices need an internet connection after a number of NFC contactless payments to “refill” available tokes. Apple Pay generates the tokens in its secure enclave on device and does not need an internet connection for it. In real life, this doesn’t make a difference, since Android can “refill” payment tokens in the background. But it is technically possible that Google Pay stops working because of the device being offline.


Australia has also just changed over to full Debit cards (without the Prepaid subtype). Metal cards are Mastercard Platinum debits, plastic cards are randomly Visa Platinum debit or Mastercard Platinum debit. No World or Infinite here.

I have been in Japan for five days with no ability to withdraw cash or use the VISA physical card.I can only utilise the virtual functionality at the family mart. I have tried all ATM’S and shops, post office and bank…I requested assistance from resolute customer service and tried everything however they were unable to recitfy this card is useless. Save yourself the hassle and try a different card.

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Hi all,

I would like to suggest that customers could choose, do they want a normal plastic card (the old-style card with the number in raised letters or a new one with the number just printed on the card. I myself have had problems, at least with that new card, when paying with a chip and pin code (the chip is not always read correctly in the payment terminal, even though the card is certainly facing the right way and correctly inserted into the device.

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