Apple Pay support


@Recchan You are obviously not interested in a discussion, but just in being “right”. Enjoy it. I have better things to do.


I’m not interested in a discussion that goes in circles. I know you’re not satisfied with the consistent soon™ bull that Revolut has been pulling, I’m just asking why you’re continuing this line of complaints when there’s clearly no one that cares besides yourselves.


I care. But that doesn’t change anything since apple pay is not available in Romania. I also care about RON IBAN but that’s not happening either. Or airport lounge access.


I already moved to N26 even I have paid the complete year on metal. Really disappointing. Not only for Apple pay…

El El jue, 17 ene 2019 a las 14:03, Serbanescu Bogdan via Revolut Community escribió:


I recently opened Starl… bank account. And I can pay via Apple Pay finally!


Luckily you have found an alternative. No Google Pay, No Apple Pay, No Masterpass, etc. here in bloody :austria:.


Trust me I can tell you it’s mostly a novelty here, most people I know use it a few times and then go back to their card, because they don’t want Google making an entire log of their purchases.

MasterPass is honestly awful, assuming you mean that “bank offered app to link your MasterCard”. They need to make a MasterPass by MasterCard app that lets you link your cards and pay by QR/Tap to Pay via NFC to make this worth using.

Might be worth noting not many banks even support it.



Your Revolut card can be added into Masterpass regardless if it’s Visa or Mastercard. Just enable online transactions.


Thanks for your reply but I want Masterpass Tap&Pay which is not available in :austria:.


Oh okay, that is not available in Czech neither… :frowning: and it wouldn’t work on iOS anyway.



Ask Apple to open NFC on iOS. :slight_smile:


Or ask Revolut to implement it maybe? Its been a while now


Nobody wants a system as android were nothing works. Or were everybody can implement a solution that sucks. So please don’t. Meanwhile I’ll use apple pay with German old school institutes which were quicker than the agile startup…


Seriously? Well, if you are happy that Apple can decide/control what you can do with your overpriced device. Maybe if Revolut could use NFC on both Android and iOS we all had a working solution by now.


I know my own experience is not a general truth at all but I have never seen in my life one single person paying anything with his phone, whatever the OS. And I do not live in a shithole, though I must admit I do not frequent much hipster places.


I see this a lot, particularly on the Tube. Many Tube passengers are already holding their phones for something to do while on their journey or the escalators. So it’s easier to use one’s phone on the ticket barriers than to get out one’s wallet or purse, and then the card, and put it all away again. Once this ease of use is proven on the Tube, many continue the practice elsewhere, for example in pubs and bars, where they use their phones while waiting to be served.


Whenever I am in my home country, Switzerland, I almost exclusively use Apple Pay. Abroad not so much since my Swiss credit card issuer charges ludicrous foreign transaction fees and Revolut does not support it. So whoever supports it abroad first, gets my business,


Please don’t. I am quite happy that they do not open it.


I just realized again that Switzerland does not have EURO - so everywhere you pay outside is a foreign currency - unlike most countries in the EU.