Apple Pay support


@Regalia, why don’t you give a reason for this surprising comment?


I am using Apple Pay for quite a while now - it works very smooth. I do not want any other companies to tinker around in this environment. Because I like it when things just work.

Nobody is forced to use it. If someone doesn’t like it the way Apple does, anyone can buy a different phone and use something like G Pay.


@Regalia, I don’t understand why you object to Apple allowing iPhones’ NFC functionality to be used for non-payment NFC purposes, for example:

  • Workplace security passes
  • Opening hotel room doors
  • Reading passports. Although I disagree with the UK government’s requirement for EU nationals resident in the UK to register to stay in their country of residence, I do think it’s ridiculous that the smartphone app for this will work only on Android, because Apple unreasonably refuses to allow the UK government’s app to use iPhones’ NFC chips to read passports. Whilst I would prefer to blame the incompetent current British government, the blame here lies clearly with Apple.
  • Public transport passes (e.g. Oyster on Transport for London). Although TfL has pioneered the use of contactless payment cards, including Apple Pay, this cannot be used by the very young and the very old, who need a physical Oyster card to enjoy the discounts to which they are entitled.


To be fair - they did open it for some other purposes, for example the Japanese SUICA.

I can only consider the things I frequently use and need myself - and all your points are none of them. So as long as everything I need works smoothly and flawless, I am perfectly fine in letting things stay that way.


Apple have already partnered with hotels to offer the ability to open hotel room doors, and with colleges to offer student ID - so this is coming, and NFC reading is available and has been for around 18 months (not the kind we’d need to read ID cards at work, but reading is available).

However, to get back to the point of this thread, Apple Pay is the correct solution to NFC payments on iOS, and I hope Revolut manage to implement it in a timeframe we would consider “soon” rather than their definition which appears to be “sometime this century”.


OK so that that’s a cultural/local thing then. Once again my vision is not universal but I believe it is not that common where I live, hic et nunc.

I assume when you say Tube you are talking about London’s. I was there last Summer, for work, during a couple of weeks. I did not know it was possible to use a phone or a card to take the Tube, so I bought an Oyster card when I arrived in my first day.

Here in Paris where I live, it is not possible to do that yet. You either buy an old school magnetic ticket or get a weekly/monthly subscription with the local contactless transport card.

The Paris transports syndicate has started a beta program (I am a tester, actually!) to use the NFC feature of the phone as an alternative to tickets and cards. But it is quite restrictive: you need a NFC SIM card (so only 1 out of 4 mobile networks is compatible) and a device with Android OS and an access to the services on the SIM card (so my old Samsung S7 Edge is OK but my Pixel 3 XL is not).

I take everyday the RER A, one of the world’s busiest train lines and I have never met any other beta tester during my daily journeys.

Maybe some trendy people in fancy coffee shops and whatnot pay with their phones but regular people doing regular everyday stuff don’t do that.


Indeed. It’s the only underground/metro system known by this informal name. Cubic, the British company that implemented contactless payments on behalf of Transport for London is currently implementing the same on behalf of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


You’re living in the wrong place :smiley:

In japan they do that since 2004

In Canada and US Apple Pay is very popular


I use every day Apple Pay in Romania (with a HSBC UK CC), as all the POS terminal are contacless in this country. I am really surprised that you can’t use it the same in Paris.9


Well I don’t mean we can’t. Contactless card payments are widely used. Phone payments are scarce, at least from my perspective (I am a consultant so I move a lot within the Paris greater area, and I currently work nearby a big mall center where I take most of my lunches).


I have been using Apple Pay through Monzo since last August.


We know that other companies have implemented it. Pointless thing to say really. Your replying to an old comment.

This is a Revolut blog and we want Apple Pay from them



Twenty twenty


So, at the moment all we know is that the word soon means more than 2 years (and counting) for Revolut.


what they are doing is unbelievable. If you are not ready to launch a service, why you announce it to millions of your customers by trolling them? who the f*** is working at their communication team ?


I love how everyone is so obsessed by this. I was too because I thought it would be imminent, but well, anything that’s Apple Pay also is contactless, and Revolut cards are all contactless (and mine is old and still is contactless). So now I just lowered my expectations and I’ll be surprised instead of relieved when it comes out


When will we get the Apple Pay please?


For lower expectations, we have our old banks. We expected something else from Revolut. We are dissapointed.


Revolut for all purposes is an e-money at the minute. Not a bank. They don’t even process their own payments yet.

Yeah, like more currencies, local account details for everything, things that make our lives a lot less costly. Apple Pay is just a luxury, get over it, use your contactless card, get a bPay wristband and top it up from Revolut or something.


Very very very Soon :):mushroom: