Apple Pay support


I would really love to have this feature in a truly innovative app.

Revolut on Apple Pay (Apple wallet)
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Revolut lands in the USA!

Yes that’s a need! :heart:

Even though Apple asks for some (lot of!) money to purpose Pay, the money you raised should help you make it possible. :upside_down_face:


I second Android Pay support, too. :wink: Not that I use it, because my phone is rooted.

Android Pay support

Agreed! Apple Pay is definitely #1 on my wishlist.


Yeah, Apple Pay would absolutely be great! :smiley:


Apple Pay is a must! The app should allow top-ups using Pay and adding Revolut card to the for payments. This is #1 on my wish list as well!


Agreed, we should be able to pay in stores with our Revolut account using Apple Pay as well as top-up using Apple Pay.


I would really like to see this as well :slight_smile:


:green_apple: Apple Pay would be great as my wallet seems to damage my contactless cards and being able to just use my watch or phone is great!


Can I then also add my voice to this :slight_smile: I also think that it would totally knock the socks off the competitors, there are so many prepaid cards out there, but this is truly the only one that seems to genuinely work and not mess you around with random fees and charges. I would love to have an Apple Pay Revolut card and leave my wallet at home (and also Android Pay because sometimes I wish that I could use my work phone to pay :wink:


I think the question here is how would the Apple Pay costs be financed? The functionality is one step, the second step is financing the costs.

Can people indicate if they also would be happy with being charged a certain % for using Apple Pay?

For me I think the novelty of using my phone to pay is one thing but if I have to pay extra for it, I wouldn’t be too bothered.


I have no problem to pay 1% using Boon app.


Actually this can be like creating a plan , free plan , tier 1 , 2 etc with extra functions options limits


I have no problems paying 0.15% of purchase for using Pay. This is really not much. Source.


As I understand Revolut is already on the brink of implementing Apple Pay. Recently they started hinting at Twitter about a coming update. It might still be a couple of weeks, but I expect a release very soon.



Thanks, I didn’t noticed they changed their response about Pay (usually it was: “we’ll announce…”). It’s a great news for everyone! Hope to have it for free, be able to use it as the RevolutCard™ - automatically switching balances and converting on the go and available for all current customers in every "Pay ready’ countries! :smiley:

Edit: Whoops, I got too excited, for the moment Pay will be available only for top-up.


Apple Pay - is it coming?

Just to clarify, we’d love to add Apple Pay for spending, but at this stage we’re working on adding Apple Pay to top-up your Revolut account. Hopefully we’ll be able to integrate Apple Pay for spending further down the line!


The thing is everybody wants to use Pay for spending. You should be aware of that. Pay top-ups are more than welcomed addition, but payments utilizing this amazing tech are the real deal. We are eagerly and patiently waiting.


Maybe worth saying that on twitter when people ask for Apple Pay as I presume your twitter replies meant we would be able to use Apple Pay to make payments. Topping up is already easy enough.


When this feature finally rolls out, there’s gonna be a huge disappointment among users who are waiting for Pay payments support, of that I’m sure.