Apple Pay support


That’s fine for them, they clearly have proper revenue streams as they’re (I assume) proper banks. Revolut can’t afford to put itself closer to red because Apple take a portion of the interchange fee.


How much do you believe that to be in the EEA? It was reportedly 0.15% in the United States when Apple Pay first launched there, but it could never be that high in the EEA where interchange fees are capped at 0.2% or 0.3%.


I don’t reckon Apple take less than 1/4. So perhaps, 0.05. It’s irrelevant, it’d still lose them money as opposed to the person paying by card. As I mentioned, they still have lots of markets to truly penetrate (such as the markets they need to release local personal accounts in) and those would take high priority than trying to net some customers.


What I know, is that Apple charges a fee per card added in EEA and not as a percentage from transactions. I would happily pay that fee if they would bring Apple Pay.


That explains why Apple so often advise to remove a card and re-add it in order to resolve technical problems, or even as a solution for reordering cards on an Apple Watch.



How do you actually reorder them on an Apple Watch?


From what I’ve heard they still take some percentage fee from every transaction.


You can’t. Unlike on an iPhone where you can simply drag and drop cards to change their order, on an Apple Watch the only way is to remove cards and re-add them in the desired order. You can’t even reorder cards in the Watch app on the iPhone, which is where you add cards; it only lets you select the default (first) card.


It was a discussion that I have participated on a Apple Pay forum, I don’t have a source related to the posible new Apple Pay fee structure


I am just waiting which company will put out Apple Pay first. Curve or Revolut. It’s a win-win.

But currently, I never used my Revolut card for 4 months and counting simply because of no Apple Pay. Don’t want to carry that many plastic cards.


I bet Curve!



Curve are almost as bad. Curve states “We’re aiming to release Apple Pay and Google Pay in the near future… stay tuned!. When I asked Curve in late July 2018 what this meant, they told me that “We hope to support Apple/Google Pay by the end of Q4 this year”. To me “near future” cannot reasonably be used to mean 5 months away, so they’re almost as bad as Revolut repeatedly saying “soon”. Revolut are worse because they’ve been promising Apple Pay since April 2017.


oh well, it seems everybody shoots promises in the air :frowning:


Yeah meaning of the word “soon” in fintech is something quite different than you would expect.


Actually, from looking at Curve’s roadmap - Apple, Google and Samsung Pay integration are in progress and been there since last month.


No WePay smhsmh, disappointed with you curve!


we are at 16th of January and still no trace of Apple Pay. Revolut are you joking ?


I’m still surprised why I don’t see this kind of animosity towards things that make a practical difference and yet I see it for something that at best is just a convenience


Because different features mean different things / are of different importance to different people. It is as simple as that.


People should get their priorities straight, or at least be reasonable. Somethings are more important than others :ok_hand:

It’s also very simply to understand as a business they have a lot more important things to do and luxuries are likely to come behind core functionality. If you want Apple Pay, go somewhere else in the meantime :thinking: come back when Revolut get to it, if it’s so annoying that you badger so much maybe it’s a deal breaker and Revolut isn’t for you, as it stands