Apple Pay support


It’s not a banking day in Scotland. That must be their getout clause! :smile:


It’s misleading but only due to poor grammar. I believe they are trying to imply that 2019 is the year that they will implement Apple Pay I.e they are welcoming - 2019 with Apple Pay.

Perhaps the tweet should read “2019 and Apple Pay, that’s something to welcome”


Close it then, just read the T&C to make sure there are no exclusion periods. Capitalism says speak with your wallet and leave if you dislike the service.


I don’t want to close it, I like Revolut. But it seems they need a push to deliver what they promised.


the 9th of January and still no apple pay support. this is unbelievable


Can you not just use the contactless on your card, or link your Revolut to a bPay wristband or something. Even a bPay sticker on your phone would work :thinking:


It’s not a question of what works. It’s a question of what is convenient. Apple Pay is far more convenient than a physical card, because it removes the need to take one’s wallet out of one’s pocket, take one’s card out of one’s wallet, put one’s card back into one’s wallet and then put one’s wallet back in one’s pocket. The same applies to women using purses and handbags. This is even more true when using Apple Pay on an Apple Watch. Apple Pay is also more secure, because its virtual card number is useless if it is copied. This prevents card cloning in countries such as Brazil, where the practice is rife.


See my suggestion of bPay. It’s contactless but in a sticker or wristband, just as convenient as Apple Pay even on the Apple Watch.

Yes but then you have to get your phone out, verify with FaceID and then after that you need to put it back in your pocket. It’s rude in my opinion to have your phone out before payment is actually due.

Isn’t it more skimming in Brazil? Like magstripe.


It’s not as convenient as an Apple Watch at all. It requires wearing an additional device on one’s wrist or sticking an ugly sticker to one’s smartphone. And it works only up to GBP 30 or local equivalent, unlike Apple Pay which can be used for any amount.

In many cases, your phone will already be out of your pocket because you’re already using it. With an Apple Watch, it needs only a double-press on the button in order to use Apple Pay - no need to get anything out of your pocket.

No, unscrupulous merchants keep a record of your card number and expiry date and also watch you enter your PIN. It has happened to me in Brazil when my card never left my sight and nobody ever had an opportunity to swipe it.


Unfortunatly it is not.


are you serious ? this is a topic about Apple Pay, not about workarounds to avoid or simulate Apple Pay.


I wouldn’t call the sticker an inconvenience. More like a personal preference to avoid.

As for the additional device, eh I guess.

I won’t :thinking: why would I be using it while someone is about to ask me for money

Never going to Brazil now lmao

Yes, I’m very serious. I get very tired of people asking for luxuries when actual functional things need to be done as a priority. The introduction of more personal local accounts, the ability to choose your card issuer, GBP direct debits, actual debit cards. Things that actually matter, not if you can tap your phone instead of getting your card out.

Let’s remember Revolut is meant to be about taking a single account across the planet, while saving fees.


again: this is a topic about APPLE PAY, not for talking about other priorities.
If you have to do these useless comments you can go and discuss in other topics , please.


:thinking: never would have guessed

I wouldn’t say they’re useless at all, I’m simply trying to bring you down to earth a bit. No one is going to explode or die from the lack of Apple Pay. It’s not the end of the world.


Who said that someone would die or that it would be the end of the world? You’re making things up.

The point here is the Revolut have repeatedly misled us about Apple Pay, starting in April 2017 and most recently on 11th December 2018 when they wrote on Facebook “Apple Pay is coming soon”. Despite having broken their promise about “soon” many times since April 2017, they continue to use this word misleadingly. Their repeated failure to deliver on their repeated promises is reputationally damaging.


And they are still ignoring us here. Not very nice from a company that wants my trust and my money. We want an answer of why we were lied that we will “welcome 2019” with Apple Pay. What else they are lying about if we would think ?


Why do you care about the word “soon” nowadays. It’s clear that they don’t value it or intend to give a timeframe of what “soon” is. I stopped caring ages ago about the word soon, I just ask for a proper ETA.

Definitely, but they’ve promised a lot more that I would consider a priority. I imagine they consider it a priority above Apple Pay too, since Apple take a cut. Think of it from a business sense, they’d rather have you pay with contactless on your card so they can still take that 0.2% from each transaction. I’d wait until they’re a proper bank before expecting Apple Pay, because then they can invest for profit and interchange + Premium/Metal paired with rebranding insurance won’t be their only revenue streams.


That would be a very short-sighted approach, and one that I hope that Revolut’s management would not take. By failing to support Apple Pay, Revolut drives away plenty of customers.

For example, I have hardly used Revolut for any card transaction (on which Revolut generates its primary revenue). If Revolut supported Apple Pay, then I would be using it a lot, probably for most non-GBP non-weekend expenditure.

Apple Pay isn’t so much about retaining existing customers, despite the noise made by those of us in this forum, but about gaining new customers.


I don’t think it would be short-sighted at all, they have better ways of getting customers, like actually being able to offer good usable accounts for everyday life in Poland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic. One adds the potential of a lot more users than the others right?

Does it though? I don’t know more than 2 people that use it on a regular basis. You can’t go entirely cashless in the UK yet even, so I’m unsure who (outside of London) actually doesn’t have a card on them to use.

Are you sure Revolut makes most revenue from that? I would assume Metal and Premium make a lot more money, as well as loans.

I would just use the card :thinking:

Please see the list of countries Revolut isn’t usable as an everyday account in before saying how many new customers they could get via Apple Pay.


No, I use other cards instead, including from other card issuers that support Apple Pay.