Apple Pay support


You didn’t understand. You can have Apple Pay with prepaid cards. I didn’t say you can’t.

This is not possible.


On what basis do you say that this is not possible?


Revolut have NO reason to not support the thousands and thousands of cards they have already issued. They will work when Apple Pay is launched.

IF Revolut decides to issue Debit Cards (non-prepaid) when the Banking License is in effect, then both of them will work with Apple Pay. It makes no sense from a business perspective to replace all of those cards.


We’re getting there !


Because Revolut wants to have an in-house payment processor, like Monzo. They are probably already working with Apple to make sure their in-house payment processor works with it. They are copying Monzo, there is no point applying Apple Pay NOW with their 3rd party processor when they have plans to move to their own. Money and time will be wasted.

And most likely, like Monzo, we will need new cards when their new processor is done.


This is not a reason for it not being possible.


Yes there is. The answer is right there. Money and time will be wasted.

Honestly, Revolut isn’t going to release Apple Pay…THEN take it away from us while they are moving to their new in-house processor, then later release Apple Pay again.


They wouldn’t need to take it away from us. A new system can be built while an existing system continues to operate.



That’s not how it works. Apple needs to verify their new payment processor, and make sure it’s fully functional.
Also, again, more money and resources will be used if we go by your method.


This implies that Revolut will launch Apple Pay on 1st or 2nd January 2019. But given Revolut’s track record of repeatedly misleading us since April 2017 about the launch date of Apple Pay, I suspect this will not happen.


Offices are usually closed on January 1st, so you can 99.9% rule that day out.

And Revolut CS most of the time, give you vague answers that leaves your mind to wonder. And it’s already working by looking at the Twitter comments.

Like, for example able to choose between MC and Visa. Many CS reps gave different answers, but it’s the “soon!/able to do it in the future!/when it’s ready!” part that’s consistent.


If only It would be on 2nd January, but I don’t trust Revolut anymore.


Nobody gave a date. So don’t expect it will work on the 2n January maybe for Germany (but that’s also no where said) but definitly not for everyone.


Is there any news now on this topic with the banking license?


They are all over the social media stating that a launch in Germany is imminent. Probably they decided to stop using soon, and they have no idea when Apple Pay will be available. This is starting to be a joke.


Happy New Year community ! 2019 and still no Apple Pay. How soon we will lose our patience and close our accounts in protest ? :slight_smile:


It’s the first working day of 2019 and there’s still no Apple Pay. @AndreasK, why does Revolut repeatedly break its public promises with regard to Apple Pay?


They never gave an exact date.


A statement doesn’t need to give an exact date for it to be misleading or untruthful. Writing “let’s welcome 2019 with Apple Pay” implies that 2019 will start with Apple Pay, although it would be reasonable to expect it to start not on the first calendar day but on the first banking day of 2019, i.e. today.