Wire transfer from the US to Revolut

In fact there is no customer service and US to Revolut wire transfers are not possible anymore for Central/Eastern European customers, i.e. the statement on Revolut’s site that all transfers to Revolut account are possible and FREE is a lie and SCAM.

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I am having the same issue and I couldn’t be more disappointed.
I used to be able to receive payments with no problem with the old GB IBAN.

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Revolut customer support just informed me that even for the new Lithuania accounts, the correspondence/intermediary bank for US is the same:

Barclays Bank PLC, New York

I am going to give this a shot and come back with an update.

On my last chat interaction, the agent told me they are having issues with account routing for transfers from the US to the Lithuanian Revolut’s entity.

When did they tell you that?

It was on Thursday. So I decided to use other means to transfer the funds.

Hi there,

Any luck?

Thanks in advance

This may have been addressed however this is currently my situation. I am a U.S. citizen who is currently living in the U.K. as an international student. I just opened up a Revolut account in the U.K. I want to transfer money from my U.S. Bank of America account. According to Bank of America, if I transfer money using the target country’s currency (in this case, British Sterling Pounds), I can waive the transfer fee of $45.00. I would do this however I am subject to a poorer currency conversion. I was wondering if it is better (and possible) to open a U.S. Revolut card and use my fixed mailing address in the U.S. That way, I could transfer money in U.S. dollars from my Bank of America account to my U.S. Revolut. Then, I would transfer the money from Revolut to my U.K. HSBC account. Essentially, Revolut would be working as an intermediary between my U.S. and U.K. bank accounts. I know, based on previous threads, that it’s not possible to have two Revolut cards so I was wondering if I should cancel my U.K. Revolut account and instead open a U.S. one? Would that be plausible for what I intend to do and could I open a U.S. Revolut from abroad? As I mentioned, I’m an international student so I would be returning to the U.S. in the next year or so. Thanks!

You can switch you account to US changing your address in the app. It’ll ask you to prove that you’re a US citizen or living there.

Thanks for your reply! What sort of proof of citizenship would be needed? Just a passport or will it also need proof of address, like a utility bill?

I guess @mkill should create a new thread for her issue.
We still have problems with transfers from the US and it is not resolved.

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I tried to update my address using the Revolut app. When I changed the country from U.K. to U.S., a message appeared and informed me that I had to speak to someone in the Chat. When I clicked that, an auto-generated message said that there were ‘no proof of identity requirements necessary for this country’ however I still couldn’t continue updating the address. @grabekpiotr Where do you suggest I re-post this thread? Thanks!

Folks, since Revolut said that the old GB IBANs will still be usable till 20 Oct. 2020 - I requested a USD transfer from my broker (Fidelity) via BARCUS33. I got the money within 2 working days, no fees/deductions whatsoever.
I will wait for a while before I try a transfer using the Lithuanian IBAN, hope they will fix the current issues by then.

Contact customer service in the app. Use the “live agent” magic word to speak to a human.

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You are likely to be better off with a US Revolut account. The account will have a US routing and account number which BofA should have have no problem transferring to. Revolut has recently added UK sort code and account number to the US Revolut accounts. (Not sure if this is available in all accounts or being rolled out).
You can then transfer USD from BofA to your Revolut account, exchange to GBP using the Revolut exchange rate and then transfer GBP directly to your HSBC account. The same for the other direction. As a reminder, exchange between currencies on a week day and not at weekends.

I don’t think BARCUS33 worked for the Lithuania account transfer. So far I did not receive the money and it will probably return it to the sender.

Sadly it didn’t work, I just got confirmation that the money got returned to the sender.