Who else is getting the new beta RevP card :)

There should be place to register our interest in this kind of beta program.

Will definetly do. The Bin is UK so there seems to be another check to add in to Gpay. My older UK mastercard which I got from the airport still works.
Also tried the virtual card which I created yesterday (now mastercard again) which should be Revp but was also not able to add it even with UK bin. Will try to ask support if they might be able to help.

Strange… my RevP card has polish BIN, not UK (I’m from Poland). Is your card number started with 5424? As far as I know only those are RevP. On BIN checker mine is recognized as polish, same in paypal and groceries.

To know what bin it is and from which country, you need to quote the first 8 digits. Country is encoded in the position 7 and 8 for the normal Revolut cards. I assume this will stay the same for RevP.

I know, but the first 4 will determine if it is RevP. I believe that those cards are country specified, because mine is 5424 0270, and one of the users wrote:

Maybe @toxiroxi have a different MC, not RevP

Yes right. My card starts with 5424 0200 and according to those bin check sites it seems to be UK?

Yours is not properly recognized by this site - https://lookup.binlist.net/54240200
Probably it is too new to be properly recognized in this site or even by some POS terminals.

But, back to the problem - I suppose the only way to find out what is wrong you should contact support in-app or via twitter. Maybe they will be able to solve this issue.

Thank you, I opened a case with the support team. Let’s see what they say.

Hello again,

I just got the information back from the support team that Revp cards in general are not planned to be supported in Apple or Google pay. Those cards which are working might be unplanned and luck.
That’s what I got from support

I love the irony in that answer from the support-
From the respective blog post about RevP beta:

Having our own payments processor (RevP) will allow us to release better products faster, which is great news for you, and everyone else using Revolut. Technologies like ApplePay, Google Pay, 3D Secure, and others will be supported by our systems, which means increased security and reliability for your card transactions.

I really wonder what they have done so far, if it still doesn’t support tokenised transactions.


It is on the weekend and my general experience with their support is that the quality of their answers is better on weekdays. I simply refuse to believe that Revolut has no plans to support Apple Pay and Google Pay with their new payment processor. That would be absurd. And my RevP card does work.

Anyhoo, Google does not officially support Google Pay in Austria. The new cards have localized BINs and your card should show as an Austrian card (which would be ineligible for Google Pay). It is well-known on this forum that the older UK BIN cards work from anywhere - because Google supports GPay in the UK.

I can recommend signing up for Curve if anyone wishes to use Google Pay in unsupported countries - their cards have a UK BIN and work with Google Pay. So you can loophole around the issue until Google Pay expands to Austria.

I cannot agree with you. From about half of the year, they are issuing country specific BIN. Mine is from first part of expansion Curve to EU, but my brother’s is with polish BIN.

Revolut are planning for Apple/Google Pay to work with RevP before they roll it out on a wider basis

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That would be great - would love to see that card on GPay :slight_smile:

Also just wanted to mention that i used my shiny new RevP card a couple of times - and it worked generally flawlessly. Paid in Euro, Forint and Swiss Francs in the last days.

The only thing i have noticed, that it seems that push notifications are not instant as with other cards. Did somebody else experienced the same? I didnt submit a bug as this is none - but it might be just some capacity issues while onboarding new RevP testers…

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Yes I’m also getting delayed notifications but I don’t know if it’s because of this card or not. Because I’m not using any other Revolut card since I have RevP.

I am also not using any other card generally, but just tried one of my old ones to see the difference and it seems it has to do with the RevP card, as the others transactions are instand and not delayed.
It is not a big issue but would be generally great if they are also getting it fixed to instant noifications with RevP.

First users report that RevP cards can now be added to Apple Pay manually.


It works! I can confirm

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I confirm this. Last night i was able to manually add the card. Haven’t tested if it works or not yet :slight_smile:


It works, I’ve paid in the restaurant today.