Who else is getting the new beta RevP card :)

Me on Monday :slight_smile: . Is there enyone that have acceptance feedback already?

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I will get it on Monday too. Have you manage to add it in Apple Pay ? Support told me it should work with Apple Pay, but it doesn’t. Probably I will need to activate it first.

Same here, no button for adding it but they told me it is supported ?!:crazy_face:
I use Revolut mainly via Apple Pay so it will be not good if I cannot with thus card too.

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I was supposed to get in Monday but didn’t know that it will be sent with DHL as my Metal and Pride card, so i had to reschedule it to Tue to my workplace… whoosh.

Arriving tomorrow. Was shipped on Friday from Warsaw and is now awaiting delivery at my local UK depot for sometime tomorrow.

Mine should be here tomorrow.

Instead of tomorrow , I’ll get it Today in a few hours :slight_smile:
Surprised at DHL

PSA: Card does indeed not support Apple Pay at all.

Yup…Support said Soon… :slight_smile:

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Got the card, doesn’t work with Apple Pay so unfortunately I will not use it as my daily driver as I do all my payment 90% trough Apple Pay.

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Afraid I’m going to be the same on this front. I’m not going to start carrying my card around just to check it works - unless they’re going to up me to non-Europe cashback rates for the hassle

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Guys, it‘s beta, it‘s meant to be tested, not to please your feelings :wink: What the heck some people did expect? Could you please pass your beta cards to actual beta testers please who understand what it means to be a beta tester? kthxbye :wink:

Unfortunately mine doesn‘t seem to work at all for now, two 1EUR test payments declined so far this morning without any notifications, we‘ll see how this goes


Just got my card will try it later.

Just used it first in cash machine to unlock contactless.Then supermarket all working fine so far.

Just added my RevP card to the Tesco Pay Plus app which uses 3DS. A nice simple implementation.

Within the Tesco app:

And this is what you see in :r: app:

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Have to find something that does 3ds

Got mine today. Cannot be added in Curve. Work fine in Amazon.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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If you get a physical card then this physical card should be used and tested, no?