We want your view on our card designs

The mag stripe is also in a different position due to the design change. Traditional cards have it on the top, Apple’s card at the bottom. So users need to be aware of the unusual position of the chip and the mag stripe when paying with this card. Reminder: the initial argument was that the design is inconvenient because it’s different than traditional cards.


Card with the chip on the right (Apple Card) was design to prioritize MagStripe usage so the card art won’t be upside down :upside_down_face:

Several years ago vertical cards bothered me, but not was much as cards with chip on the right (that is wrong) side.


Right/wrong don’t seem to be valid categories here. The “right” design is simply defined by tradition, not by functionality.

I believe you’re overthinking this. Apple designed the card they liked the best within the specifications for EMV smart cards.

You would probably agree that Apple does not shy away from causing users inconvenience when it achieves an aesthetic design goal. The chip is the more intrusive design element. Its repositioning results in a dramatically cleaner design. This is such an Apple thing to do.

Both this and Apple’s second design trick, to align the top edge of the mag stripe with the edge of the card, were subsequently adopted by other payment card designers.

This brings me back to where this all started: who came up with it, who’s to blame for it? I pointed the finger at Apple.

You said Revolut should not be left off the hook. You justify/explain Apple’s design decision with a quite superficial reason: to not have the Apple logo upside down while swiping. The inconvenience, that the card works differently from all other cards, remains. Apple’s card is the one card you have to swipe differently to how you swipe all the other cards in your wallet. This inconvenience of being different was the argument that started this discussion.

Why should Revolut now not justify its design for a chip card with an identical explanation? The logo won’t be “swallowed” by the machine and will always be visible when the card is put into a typical chip reader.

I don’t think there’s enough evidence that a large number of users struggles with vertical or upside down designs to the extend to call “new” designs flawed or wrong. It seems to be more about preference than usability.


This thing is quite ugly, I get that it’s useful for some people but I don’t get why it’s done for everyone. And for the vertical a lot are ugly, my old traditional bank just started new design…

Some are fine though De nouvelles cartes bancaires LCL en 2024, plus…