Visa instead of Mastercard

It’s still a shame that metal cards are still MasterCard Prepaid instead of Visa DEBIT… (while you pay 15$ a month)

Would mastercard debit be better?

Yeah it doesn’t matter if it’s mastercard or visa, but it has to be debit and not prepaid otherwise there are lots of places where the cards isn’t accepted (like gas station, airplane, train, TOLL,…)

I’ve debated this topic to death on this forum and stand by the fact that Prepaid Mastercard’s are vastly superior for a currency card like Revolut

They benefit from MasterCard’s ban on DCC on Prepaid Multi-currency cards [for both ATMs and PoS terminals)

Visa has a similar ban that only applies to ATMs.

If it puts you off using the service then perhaps you aren’t the kind of customer the service is built for.

Personally I’ve had no acceptance issues; airlines have largely started accepting Revolut cards due to their prevalence among their employees & gas stations/trains have always worked for me. Tolls may be a bit different because they’re offline but they will gradually start accepting the card

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For DCC, Revolut EXPLICITLY asks to always choose the local currency so that argument is a bit useless for choosing a widely accepted Debit card instead of a prepaid cards. In the US prepaid cards are just used as gift cards since it’s meant to be not widely accepted and just thrown away. Debit cards on the other hand have a lot of room to talk. I took a plane 2 months ago where I couldn’t pay with my fancy metal card but I could with my premium Visa (since it’s debit)

You can put a curve card on top

I hope Revolut get debit card then they get the bank rolling

I am not 100% convinced that Revolut cards are covered by this. Did Revolut confirm this somehow? Is there a user report from someone noticing this change?

The regulation from Mastercard specifically is about cards where the user exchanges funds beforehand at a specific rate. While you can do that with Revolut, it also works like a regular card with rates applied during payment. And this case is not covered by Mastercard’s rules.


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Prepaid cards are widely accepted - most merchants take them. It might not quite be 100% but they aren’t rejected by most

Also, as merchants abroad can be disingenuous and change it without consent, the skipping of asking is extremely beneficial

Your premium visa is Prepaid still. Source: I have a new one and it was recognised as Prepaid by my works POS

Alternatively Visa cards don’t really have much benefit to being Prepaid anyways as their rules only apply to ATMS unlike Mastercard DCC ban which is to everything

Revolut confirmed it I do believe and I can confirm it from my travels into mainland Europe

Have you read the guidelines? I was the first one on the forum to find them when it was announced and what you’re speaking of doesn’t exist. I’ve linked it elsewhere on the forums too

It’s page 80 or 90 something of their rules of acquirers. The specific rule is

“Prepaid Multi-currency cards may not be presented with DCC (dynamic currency conversion)” in (although not exact) words to that exact meaning

Found it. Thanks.

POI currency conversion must not be offered on any ATM or face-to-face Transaction effected with Mastercard and Maestro Prepaid Cards that have single or multi-currency features or that are otherwise identified in the Mastercard Parameter Extract (MPE) as ineligible for POI currency conversion.

Source: p. 90.

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