Verify my account

I am trying to verify my account ,i took 4 times pictures of national identity card and still is geting rejected,what to do?

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Hello, I’m trying to create an account, but I can’t go any further then the identity verification. I took the photos of the document and myself, but it says it couldn’t verify my identity. It seems it is expecting a resident permit card, but my permit is not a card. Is there any other way to verify my document?

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I am trying to use my revolut app and it’s still on 60% verification for the past week can someone help with this as I need to use the card asap

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Hello! I can’t use my phone camera is there any other way to verify my account?

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Hi, I can’t verify my account, as the camera on my phone isn’t damaged, so the photo quality isn’t great. I can however provide proof of identity and my documents for verification. It’s very frustrating.

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I’ve been waiting since August for my account to be verified. It’s utterly ridiculous. Provided all the requested info promptly, but I keep getting ignored by support.

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Hi… I got my wife a card but it will not verify,she has put money on it but it will not let her past verification to go to in app chat

hello i dont have access to my old number that i signed up with originally. i would like to set up an account with a new number, but it doesnt let me. how do i proceed?

Hey. I have same old problem with This card has been terminated and ca”t be linked. etc… Can you, guys, help me? :relaxed:

Hi, sir,
I am contacting you because i have got some problem with the confirmation of my identity and i tried it many times but it’s still not working and i don’t know why,

The fact is that they are asking me about my piece of identity, so logically i am using my passport, i have student visa and i am applying for my residence permit (i have also the stamp on my passport which it proves that i am legal in poland) and after i am taking a selfie picture for making sure that i am the real person who is managing this bank account,

Therefore, after a few moments, i am receiving an email which is explaining me that you can’t identify me and approving my documents or my selfie has been taken incorrectly but i am pretty sure that everything was alright on my side, you can read as well my documents and i am recognizable on my selfie picture,

i need your help from your support to find a solution as soon as possible,

in addition, i must continue to use my revolut account for managing my stuffs and i am waiting you for the confirmation of my identity,

King regards,

Same problem, I’ve trying to use my account but the app doesn’t work, it says “We’re verifying your identity 60%”, haven’t change in four weeks, could someone help me with this?

Hi, could you please help me? I tried to open an account a few days ago but failed at the identification stage. Today I want sign in and fix the problem the APP shows me “You opened an account before” and I cannot proceed. Could you check for me, thank you so much.

Why live agent keeping ignoring me ?

I have no idea… What do you mean writing “ignoring me”. Don’t you get info about “ETA”?

Hello everyone
I am Syrian, living in Cyprus. I’ve just got my visitor residency here. The residency ID needs 5-6 months. In order to verify my account I either have to show my (student or work visa which i don’t have), or take a photo of my Residency ID which as I said needs 5-6 months.
I have a paper (only written, no photo) that i am a resident. So what can I do?
I can take a photo of my passport (Syrian) and a photo of the residency paper for verification, but no such option is suggested.
Need an urgent help please.

Hi. How did you solve this. I am waiting over a month for a response now. It’s hugely stressful and with Christmas coming I am under severe pressure and can’t access my money.

Yes, it takes very long

I’m giving up soon.

Verifying identified maybe ten times.

Completely unprofessional.

Do I have to take my pictures, passport and selfie, in a professional studio to oblige revlout?

I have the same issue. I had to bring some more documents to be verified, but sill have not received any feedback. My account is sill blocked.

SO this whole process lasts now since the 13 Nov 2020. And I don’t know what the problem is.

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