Verify my account

Hi there. I’ve been trying to register for a few days. As soon as I enter my phone number it says theres an error and to try again later. I’ve reinstalled the app a few times but no use. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Please what are the steps to verify my identity. I have tried to upload photos of ID and myself on personal details section but no success. ISo I have not been able to activate my card yet?

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@anon33247966 hello! Please assist me as well! Locked since 27/04 (pending verification). I cannot have any option for opening support ticket as my app is stuck in this screen.

Many thanks in advance

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I am a British Citizen and recently returned to China to visit relatives, but unfortunately I lost my passport. I donn’t have a British driver ’s license. Now I need to register for revolut, but I found that I can’t upload the document on my phone. because I really need revolut, I don’t have local currency anymore, I need to use revolut’s currency exchange function, I have tried many registrations, and the verification has failed, I am really anxious and very worried now, I asked the customer service staff in twitter, they feel regretted to help me verify the revolut directly, I can send my ID photo by email to your verification service staff, hoping to help me verify it directly, and open my revolut @anon33247966

I need your help @anon33247966

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I’m having trouble with veryfing my account. When I have downloaded the app and enter my number the app only says that there is a problem and that I should try later. Have tried for a few months now…

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Here you go:

I’ve opened an account since November and have received a card but the account wont let me verify claiming i have to be 18
I am 18 and i have changed the date of birth several times but it still wont let me verify
I cant close the account either without verification and i cant access the money inside my account
The chatbots arent much help either :confused:

Hi there, I’m trying to verify my account, but when i take a photo of my document it’s not accepting the photo because it says that there’s no photo in the document, but the document is completely fine. I tried to access the chat, but I was unable to do that. Does anyone have any solution? Thanks

hello i have problem verify mi account a sent photo of my ID and me like 3 times and still didnt verify it said that it failed please help

Hi guys, I want to ask how i can veryfi my account if i am on waiting list for my UAE address. How can I change the account to my Bulgarian address so I could veryfi it. Or how I have to cancel my application completely so I can start over? I can’t do anything, when I enter the phone number directly it transfers me to waiting list page.
Please help.
Thank you for the time taken!
Look forward to hearing from you.

am still waiting for verification my documents and register on app ! ( 2 weeks )

hi @anon33247966, can i have your help ! i have tried verifying my account with my passport and drivers licence and i have taken a clear selfie on numerous occasions. i have tried contacting revolut complaints but no luck ! it has been 4 days now
kind regards

Ok, if I speak in Spanish no one approve the post. My problem is when I put my phone number in the Revolut app to login it say that is not a number. I changed my cellphone and now I need to use the app and I can’t. I need help because I tried to contact with Revolut but I didn’t find the way.

Someone could help me?

THANKS!!! :smiley:

I can’t verify my account. Im trying but i cant, can someone help me please?
My front cam is not really working right now, it became all blurry today and all. I recently tried to verify my revolut account with both my passport and my ID, and the app didn’t recognise any of them and it automatically rejected my verification.

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Hi, so first of all my card never arrived so I had to pay for another one today., very annoying.

But more importantly,.

  1. I’m living in the Czech Republic but are Armenian national, So I took a clear photo of the front and detailed page of my Permanent resident card (Government-issued when married to a European), it was rejected as a “non-government issued document”.

  2. Got an email telling me to try with my passport instead, I did that and got rejected again and was told to do it again.

After 6-7 attempts I need some help here, and Since I had to pay 2 times for something that still don’t work I hope an admin will be kind and spend 2 minutes replying to me what to do.

I have ofcause checked if it’s possible to get in contact with chat support or mail support, but it’s only for people that pay for a premium solution and I’m not really sure I want to do that at this point.

Thank you.

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Type live agent in the chat to get a human agent. :slight_smile:


@anon33247966 I have this problem too.
Please can you help me

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Same problem. No way to contact these guys

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Same thing here. I have been trying to verify my account for the past 3 months and always get declined. Please support help me!

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hi @anon33247966, can i have your help ! i have tried verifying my wife account with her documents .but still my ac on pending no one replies in app chat . i have tried contacting revolut complaints.! it has been 2 week now
kind regards

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