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Hi Andreas,

I got a question - I just opened my Revolut account today and topped up by GBP 10 using my debit card. I have also ordered a physical card. But till now I haven’t received any intimation from Revolut (either through mail/text/app notification) regarding verifying my identity.

Also when I tried to verify my identity by following - More → Profile → Verification & limits, I can only see “Topped up so far GBP 10.00” and no other option.

My question is when can I verify my identity as I don’t see the option activated as of now? I’ll be travelling to US in next week and don’t want my account to be frozen because of non-verification as I’m planning to use my Revolut account in US.

Hence, if you can guide me how to verify I will do it ASAP so that I can use my account smoothly in US.

Thanks in advance

Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

As I can see your account is fully active :slight_smile:

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Hello Andreask, i have same problem. I can’t send a snapshot of my identity card, can you help me?

hey andreas

i have currently reached the top of the waiting list here in australia and its still not letting me use the app due to high demands of cards or something , is their away to activate the account and not get a physical card but instead just use the digital one .

if you could help it would be really appreciated it

kind regards jas

Australia release is on hold at the moment.

An ASIC spokesman confirmed to Banking Day that the regulator agreed to extend the licensing relief for another six months on a condition that no new customers were given access to Revolut’s app-based money transfer and payments platform.


I have some issues with my Revolut card: i ordered a revolut card which I did not receive in due time, but it was possible to use the app to make payments. When i received it, it was already blocked/expired, so I requested another one. I received the new card, my account is verified (when I go to personal details, I only can change the address, but I cannot do any verification). However, it is not possible to activate the card, to use the atm or to send payment because each time it asks me to Verify identity, but I don’t have the option.

It seems my account is locked somehow.

What could possibly be the issue? Please help.


Hey Andres it seems to be taking so long to verify my account. Please can you help?

@anon33247966 can you please help me?

Hi I tried verification several times and it fails every time. I sent picture of my residence card, can someone please tell me what else you need?

I am waiting for verification on proving source of funds.

How long will this take please?

Kind regards
R Turner

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Hello @Rctrovolut :wave:,

Thank you for contacting us. :blush:

Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure how long such a check might take, but you can be rest assured that they are doing their best to finish the reviews as soon as possible. :pray:

SG | Community Team