Vaults & Group Vaults Improvement Suggestions

I am in a hurry because I don’t see in my account the vault created.
Where is it now ?
I don’t know how to open a post in this fórums.

Would be nice to have a setting to
and split it in to the vault like
1 80%
1 20%
5 - 20%


Add the option to sort the vaults?
Also It would be nice to see all my vaults at the vaults starting-page, not only three.
I don’t see the value in my vaults (in Swedish currency) for the ones that don’t shows in the three at the starting-page. If this vault is in another currency, bitcoin for example…
Not even if I open my bitcoin-vault, I only see how much bitcoin there is, not the value of it


Vaults are great but it would be even better to know what fees are associated with (or even end of year statement).

Sort of defeats the purpose if I’m losing x amount over time - my saving vaults are all in FX etc. So when spending on weekends do I still get charged fees when the transaction is rounded up and moved into a different currency?

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It could be interesting and easy to implement a periodic reload of a vault in a% of the balance of the main account in addition to a fixed amount.

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Include a balance option so you can see how much you’ve saved over the last month, quarter, half year or year. I have to go through and add up the totals as my goal is set very high so I can’t track the small increments.


Current settings of group vault doesn’t really distinguish it from personal vault since it only allows one admin. Seems more like a parent <-> child relationship. I suggest that multiple admins would also be an option. As a security measure, every Admin (or even every basic user) will have the right to withdraw but only up to the amount that was deposited from his/hers account. And on top of that, if someone (let’s say that this is something only Admin would be allowed to do) wants to withdraw more than it was deposited to the vault from his account (his own personal balance in the vault), then he will need a confirmation (by PIN, fingertip etc.) from other users (admins) app participating in that group vault. Unless all users (admins) approve of such withdrawal, it will be pending. That should allow groups, couples etc to have control over their own as well as option to give control to the other (now it seems that admin can withdraw everything and the user doesn’t even know about it).
Much appreciated!


Additional idea for withdrawing from Group Vault. (continuing logic from my previous post -Vaults & Group Vaults Improvement Suggestions )
Each withdrawal over the limit of the person’s deposited amount would have a choice of allocation.

  1. Use own funds first - meaning that withdrawal amount will be fulfilled first from my own deposits and then proportionally (or by choice - via graphic slider) amongst the other users.
    i.e.: A has 2000 funds, users B&C have unlimited funds. A wants to withdraw 4000. This option will use 2000 of A’s funds and request 1000 from B and C. Both B & C have to give their approval through Revolut app for this withdrawal for it to be accepted. With the “slider” as a graphic function A could choose how the missing 2000 would be allocated amongst B & C users. In my opinion, approval should be requested only from party which funds are participating in the deposit. So if A chooses user’s B funds for the rest of the withdrawal, only B will have to give their approval for the whole 4000 withdrawal to be confirmed and processed.
  2. Proportional allocation (automatic calculation of the amount of withdrawal divided by the number of participants)
  3. Full custom “slider” option to allocate funds to withdrawal as the user sees fit. Of course, same logic for approval should be used. All users which are participating in the withdrawal with their own funds deposited in the vault should be asked for permission through the app for the withdrawal to be processed.



BUG - the drop down box to select currency for the vault does not work. Nothing happens when I click it. It currently only lets me add EUR vaults. My account is a EUR account. I restarted phone, reinstalled app, and also tried it on my daughter’s account with same result. Her account is GBP based, so GBP shows and when i click on the drop down, nothing happens.

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Idea to improve normal vault feature:
Because i use the vault feature a lot it would be good to be able to create folders in which to store different vaults, to differentiate between them and not have a lot of vaults all at random on the page.


Two simple basic features, which I can’t believe are not part of Group Vaults.

  1. A Comment/Reference field for when deposit or withdraw funds from a vault.
  2. A proper statement each week/month/year showing all the transfers with associated comments/references.

Would love to see these implemented. Would make life way easier making our joint fund.
Keep up the good work. :pray:


and transfer between vaults

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This may have been suggested before, theres a LOT of comments, but anyway…

So we’ve started using a joint vault for things like our food budget. It would be GREAT if when one of us selects a card transaction, next to the “split bill” option, there was an option to “withdraw from vault”

For example, Person A and person B are both admins of the “Food Budget” vault. They both put in £200 each, so the vaults total is £400.

Person A does a food shop and spends £88 out of their personal funds. They tap on the transaction in the app, tap “Withdraw from Vault” and get shown a list of vaults they have permission to withdraw from. They tap “Food Budget” vault and voila!

Person A now has been reimbursed for the food shop, the vault now has £312 left, there’s a note on the withdrawal in the vault linking to the transaction so all can keep track.

I think it should work for both incoming and outgoing transactions.

Incoming transfers could easily be forwarded to a shared vault.
Outgoing transactions (card payments, transfers) could be covered by vaults, and shared vaults of course. Both would be an action in the regular transactions list.

That’s how Australian bank Up does it. And I haven’t seen an easier or more intuitive way for this. Unfortunately, it got a little bit messy with Revolut. They’ve introduced Pockets. It’s not clear to me why they didn’t integrate the functionality of Pockets into Vaults.