Vaults & Group Vaults Improvement Suggestions

Dear Rev team, thanks for an amazing Group Vaults feature! :grinning:

Here are my suggestions for further improvements:

  • Add the ability to set other participants as admins/power users with rights to withdraw funds
  • Add the option to add note/GIF when funding vaults (similarly to when one sends/requests money to/from other Revolut users)
  • Add the option to create a universal payment link for Vaults (not just Group Vaults)
  • Perhaps implement a balance chart
  • Allow users to lock withdrawal of funds from a specific Vault should they tend to have bad saving habits
  • If you want to bring it to another level, allow users to link a specific Rev card to a Vault

This would mean, real joint accounts! Fully support this.


I am still surprised nobody of the involved :r: people had the idea to enable spending for multiple people


This is not just a feature but also a regulatory issue. I doubt the haven’t thought about it. But it makes it way more complex. It would mean that funds are owned by a joint group of people, not a single person. Like with joint accounts.

If i am the owner of a bank account and authorise somebody else, it’s still 100% my money but the other person is also allowed to spend from it.
Something similar to this is offered by a Swiss bank.

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As others wrote, there are two different things here:

  • Joint account: two or more persons own the account and the money or are collectively liable for any negativ balance.
  • Power of attorney: another or multiple other persons have access to the account to withdraw money. These other persons don’t own it nor are they liable for negative balances.

At least the second model should not be a problem.

The first one could be an issue regarding tax declaration, as the money is owned by multiple legal entities (aka person).
The second one isn’t, as the money is only owned by one legal entity/person and therefore it’s clear that this person needs to declare it.

If you now say that spending someone else money is a problem tax wise, I say no, but obviously the owner and the spending party are required to properly declare it, if applicable at all.
As a married couple this probably is a small issue as it’s daily business. Many couples support each other financially.
For unrelated persons, the owner makes a donation to the spending person, if no labor or the like is expected from that person in return (aka employee). This donation as well can be a transaction liable to some form of taxation.
BTW: Having a business card linked to a business account owned by that legal entity but the card obviously used by an individual to spend money on company business is a form of power of attorney as well.

But these use cases and the declaration of it should not be the worry of Revolut. It would although require that the proper paper work can be produced out of the App to file to the tax authorities.

Hey guys,

  • Both Admin and Contributors able to add to the group vault balance with change round up (inc accelerators). This currently can only be done by the 1 group admin.

:r: please:

  • Add currency selection (with auto conversion) for recurring transactions on vaults; e.g. having a bitcoin vault with a daily recurring top up of x dollars

Please add the feature to add multiple admins, I want other people in my vault to be able to withdraw money.


+1 on multi admin. Could really use this, to have a joint savings account.


Well, looks like N26 is at it.


I think it’s time to open a N26 account for me, it has very unique and interesting features that currently Revolut and competitors don’t have.

In order to improve Vault :

1- Allow user to program the date to stop transfer on a Vault account
(It is possible to program 10€ every Sunday but it is not possible to choose the date to stop this transfer)

2- Re design Vault Category account and create icons rather than lines to see our different Vault on “Board” (picture attached)

3- Allow money transfer between each Vault account by clicking on the icon

to move money to an other Vault

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An other idea to improve Vault :

  • Allow to save money for example (when the weather is rainy)
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It will be good to have some rule based savings. For example. “Save 10% whenever one gets paid and save it to a particular vault”, “save every 1st and 15th date”, etc.

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Add an option to save a percentage of what was spent instead of rounding. Example: choosing to save 10% would have a purchase of 5USD send 50c to the vault, and a purchase of 100USD send 10USD.

I’d really like a feature like this, as if I’m taxing myself.


Great idea. I know Qapital app ( has been offering this kind of creative savings rule for quite some time.


its pretty interesting this app, could be interesting if we have the same in revolut, with different type of portfolios

i will have a look

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Automatic saving is the easiest and most convenient way to stash your spare money.

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Some suggestions to rule based savings into Vaults:

  1. PayDay rule- Move whenever one gets paid - it can be either a set amount or set %
  2. Guilty Pleasure Rule - Move a certain amount whenever one spends at a particular merchant for example whenever I buy a coffee at Starbucks, move $5 to a particular vault
  3. 52 Week rule - start with $1 fist week, then increase it to $2, $3, $4… for the subsequent weeks. (Yes. the final week, you will save $52 :wink:)
    The above rules will make “saving into vaults” more useful and fun way.