Using in Croatia

surprising nowadays, and really not practical :frowning_face:

Agreed, and I hope cards become accepted everywhere in Croatia. But it’s not a given. See Berlin for example. Capital of an advanced country, with low card acceptance.

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Thanks for the explanation. I see potential here for Revolut so merchants could accept the card and if they have WiFi payment could be instantaneous. An ":r: " in the window!

Hi all.

I just tried my new Revolute free card on bunch of ATMs and PBZ wanted to charge 16kn withrowal fee.
ZABA, HPB and Reiffeisen didn’t charge withrowal fee!
If someone could test OTP bank and whatever ATMs are missing would be great.

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I have just recently used my Revolut card (MasterCard) in Croatia.
It works very well in restaurants, in supermarkets and on highways. But if using on highway toll gate with selfpaying (e.g. at Zagreb when you are driving from the Adriatic) you have to be aware of enabling the option of using the magnetic stripe.
I used my card also for cash withdrawal there was no extra fee (OTP banka ATM).

So I am very satisfied with Revolut!! :blush::blush:

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Auro Domus ATMs which are also freqent like Euronet also tries to charge if you withdraw cash with Revolut MC. In Malinska Krk Island at the market there is just next to it a HPB(Croatian Post Bank) ATM wirh 0 fee!!


Euronet won’t charge you if you use a Visa card :slight_smile:


I can confirm that there was no charge when I used a Euronet ATM in Dubrovnik in June 2019, also Revolut Visa.

this post reports that it changed around the end of August:

This is not 100% correct. Almost all restaurants accept credit cards, but bars and night clubs not.
Just look for the accepted card types at the entrance of the restaurant. Visa, MasterCard and Diners are widely accepted, but Amex little bit less than them (they charge higher provisions for transaction to restaurant owners).

Auro Domus won’t charge you if you decline DCC (Visa/MC).
Tested in August 2019, Vodice, Croatia.