Using in Croatia


Paid for various things so far in stores using POS terminals – everything went fine.

The exchange rate seems OK, though I need to monitor for a bit longer to be sure.

I also intend to try the various ATM networks and report back here.

So far I’ve tried ATMs owned by Zagrebacka Banka (ZABA), and they work fine. The ATMs recognize the card as a GBP card, and offer a popup asking whether you want to be charged in GBP or HRK. It also says that if you choose GBP you will be charged a fee, I think 2% and also displays the exchange rate. Just choose HRK (Croatian Kuna) and you will be fine. The ATMs don’t seem to charge anything extra to the user, apart from what they charge Revolut.

As of time of writing, Revolut doesn’t yet support HRK balances or transferring/exchanging money into an HRK bank account. Transferwise have recently started supporting HRK, so I hope to see it soon in Revolut too.

I’ve just had the card for two weeks – so far so good.


Thanks for sharing your experience so far.


None of the ATMs in Croatia will charge any fee and that goes for all foregn cards. Yeah, unfortunately Revolut’s bank transfer processor Currency Cloud offers transfer to 23 countries and currencies except Croatia, which remains the only EEA country whose currency is not supported by the Currency Cloud.

I emailed the Currency Cloud to ask them if they plan to add HRK to the list of supported currencies for bank transfer, they told me “this was not the case in the forseeable future”.


Which rate is used then if one withdraws money in HRK with Revolut? Mastercard’s?


No, Revolut’s rate is used. I was saying that the Currency Cloud does not offer bank transfer in HRK to Croatian accounts.


Oh, okay, I got it. Filling it up with vacation related emoticons to meet character limit: :airplane: :mountain: :r:


so if I am from Croatia, I can put money onto my revolut account but i cannot withraw it back?
I can just spend it in croatia or somwhere else ?


Naravno da možeš povući novac, zašto ne bi mogao?


hvala na odgovoru!
pa ne razumijem onda na što se misli kada se kaže da je CRO jedina država iz EEA koja ne podržava bankovne transfere? na što se tu misli?

dakle ako otvorim account i netko deseti mi stavi x EUR na njega. mogu li tu svotu podići kao keš bez troškova?

gledam na ovo kao na alternativu otvaranja deviznog računa i uplate na njega.


Baci pogled na FAQ:


“If someone else wishes to transfer money to your Revolut account, they can open their own account and then top it up via debit or credit card. They can then transfer this to you instantly via the ‘Send’ function.”


so once I have money, what can I do with it since I am in Croatia?
except spending it with the card, can i withraw the cash?


Naravno da mozes podici novac na bankomatu. Prvih 200 € u hrk protuvrijednosti je besplatno na bankomatu, a ostalo se naplacuje 2%. Ako si premium korisnik, onda ti je prvih €400 besplatno. Mozes i placati s karticom. Ali Revolut se ne isplati koristiti za placanje u hr ako vec imas hrvatsku karticu zbog tecajnih razlika, korisan je za placanje u inozemstvu i za podignuti kes u hr.

Hrk je jedina EEA valuta u kojoj nisu omoguceni bankovni transferi - to znaci da ne mozes poslati novac s Revoluta u HRK valuti da ti dode u kunama na racun, nego moras slati u devizama. Znaci ako imas 100€ na racunu, ti ne mozes to poslati u HRK na svoj racun u Hr nego samo u drugim valutama.


Revolut nije jos puni devizni racun s IBAN-om, osim za EUR valutu. Drugi ti mogu uplacivati EUR na tvoj Rwvolut IBAN, ali ne mogu na racune drugih valuta jer za njih jos nemas vlastiti racun - IBAN.


hvala ti puno!

a ako mi netko uplati recimo 1000eur.
jel ih mogu prebaciti na svoj devizni sa revolut accounta?

Ili mi preostaje a)trošenje sa tečajnom razlikom b)podizanje 200eur + ostalih 800eur ce me koštati 16eur (2%) + tečajna razlika


Naravno. Mozes ih prebaciti besplatno na svoj EUR devizni racun u hr ili cak mozes poslati eur na kunski tekuci direktno pa ti to banka automatski stavi u kune, ali to ovisi o banci ima li politiku prihvacanja strane valute i mijenjanja u kune ili nema. Recimo HPB automatski prebacuje u kune ako saljes u devizama na kunski tekuci dok sberbank odbija transfer ako je valuta transfera drukcika od valute racuna :slight_smile:


Regarding such scenario :
I’m going to Croatia and i have booked apartment for lets say 100 Eur.
I would like to pay using Revolut card and my nationality and my base account is Poland.
What is the best option if i don’t have premium ?
I’ve red sth about not using DCC in terminals etc. so now it seems a bit complicated and my main idea is not to take too much cash.

Kind Regards


Cześć Arku,
I was in Croatia last year, an it was “Revolut- only” trip :slight_smile:
Everything worked like a charm. I haven’t experienced even single problem.
You have to avoid DCC but it is important for Polish cards too :slight_smile:
Before your vacation use your card in Poland. Here you can touch DCC by your own :slight_smile:
And here it should be easy to excercise and see how it looks like :wink:
Wish you luck :slight_smile:


Hi there. I’m interested in using this card for a trip to croatia. I would mostly use to withdraw cash and not pay on the card in restaurants for example, but I understand that you are unable to load kuna currency onto the card. Is there a chance that I may be charged a conversion fee when the currency loaded onto my card converts from GBP to kuna? (I will also have the basic and not premium Revolut card)


You’re right. You cannot have Croatian Kuna on your revolut wallet.

  • you can be charged when you don’t cancel DCC, or
  • you can be charged if you exceed 200 GBP (equivalent) monthly withdrawal (2% Revolut fee) or
  • you can be charged by ATM provider (surcharge)


I would like to know when Revolut will be available for my country Brunei Darussalam.