Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

This BIC appears automatically at National Bank of Greece but it mentions that is inactive and transaction may take more time or extra commission.When I enter the LOYDGB2LCTY accepted without any red info.

My bank requires Bank name/address and recipient name/ address.

I should add BIC is actually “REVOGB21XXX”. XXX meaning head office.

Yes, I was able to send and receive money via the new personal EUR IBAN,

This is a UK bank? This does not seem to be a proper SEPA transfer. The whole point of the SEPA transfer regulations is that everything is standardized and that banks use the same data structure for transfers. Only if they do, the transfer is considered to be a SEPA transfer.

@NickTehPro, exactly, the country code of the IBAN is Lithuania, and the BICs country code UK. But check out this IBAN verifier:


If you only enter the IBAN, the website will tell you the corresponding BIC, because an IBAN already contains all necessary informations for a transfer: account number and the information for the payee’s bank. So the weird situation here is that two different countries are encoded alone in one single IBAN. And some banks stumble upon this when they verify an IBAN and won’t allow that transfer.

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Yes, and the IBAN verifier shows:
Bank: Revolut Limited
SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.
SEPA Direct Debit is not supported.
B2B is not supported.

There you have it. An IBAN with LI as the country code that leads to a BIC with the country code GB. I’ve never seen a mismatch like this before.

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I also activated the new Euro personal account and I tried topping up my Revolut card using two different bank accounts: one in Cyprus and one in Greece. Both banks could not recognize the IBAN (I got the message that it was either too short or in a wrong format). Also both banks require IBAN and BIC, so I cannot do the top up using only the IBAN.

The problem is that now I am stuck and I cannot top up my card! I contacted support and they told me that they are working on this issue. Why did they roll out something that doesn’t seem to work without testing it extensively first?

Anyway, if someone has topped up their card using the new Euro account, can you please post how you did it?

N26 Bank had no problem sending to the IBAN. N26 shows they initiated the transfer on July 14th and Revolut shows receiving it at 10AM that morning.

I tested new IBAN from three different banks including N26 - no problems at all. I think problems are in your old bank transfer forms. For SEPA payment it’s enough to fill only name and IBAN. Thats all !

Something weird is going on. I think that revolut’s bic it’s a virtual one.

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Piraeusbank of Greece is unable to send money to these new accounts just checked. The countries confuse the system and says Invalid beneficiary.
Also I see problems transferring money with my Barclays account :confused: weird stuff

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Interesting, I’ve never heard of something like a “virtual” BIC. I noticed early this year that not just “banks” but also companies under E-money-licences can apply for being able to issue account numbers (IBANs) under their own BIC (like Holvi.com), but it was always the case that these IBANs and BICs had matching country codes.

I was able to successfully send money from one of my current accounts to Revolut, but not from my main one that is with a more traditional bank. Maybe some of the banks are not yet compliant with the current state of SEPA rules that would allow a IBAN/BIC combination like Revlolut is set up?

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I was (and still am) unable to top up my Revolut new Euro account using Alpha Bank in Greece and Piraeus Bank in Cyprus. Both banks don’t recognize the IBAN.

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Hi, I tried to make a transfer to my revolut account and I notice that the IBAN and BIC doesn’t match. I figure it out. The bank IBAN is Lithuania and BIC in the UK. Why Revolut use Lithuanian bank instead of UK banks??? From now on if it’s like this I cant trust Revolut with Lithuanian bank. So It is better to be in the UK, in the future hopefully!!! For now probably I’ll stop using Revolut until the fix the problem and move again to the UK.

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For me Lithuania is better they just need a new bic

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Yes it is a ‘proper’ SEPA transfer. Or just a SEPA transfer.

Just add XXX to the BIC and it should be fine.

Yes, If you would have read a couple of posts before yours here, you would have found out that it depends merely on the sender’s bank if a transfer goes thru or not. :wink:

It is of course up to you if you trust a country that is a member of and regulated under the EU or not. An IBAN alone also does not necessarily mean that funds are held there.

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No, if you check the BIC here it’s also Lithuanian. You need to add XXX to make it the standard length.