Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

Any news on the EUR IBANS?


Today you can easily activate it.

How ? I tried, but I still have “Unique IBAN accounts are coming soon”. Are you a premium user ?

Activated mine ( not premium user ) :grinning:

no i am not a premium user,you may just need to update your application.Although i noticed that the IBAN must be Lithuanian because it starts with LT.I already asked for clarification in chat support but i did not get any yet.They should make an announcement any time soon because there matters to be clarified,such as with our IBAN we can accept top up through any bank account or it still has to be ours.We wait and we will learn.Revolut team,in my opinion does the best of their powers and resources. -->@AndreasK

The message I had said anyone can pay in including salaries etc.

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I have not received any email yet probably because i have already activated my Euro IBAN.Still they will inform as with a full announcement about this new feature.

No email, message popped up when I logged in to app. I am from UK if that is relevant.

Same here - I received 3 alerts within the sapce of 10 minutes congratulating me on being assigned a EUR account, but there is no option to activate the account. I’ve tried logging out and in again, but there is still no sign of a personal EUR account in my profile section.

So what? Can we use our EUR account now? Mine seems activated, but Paypal keep refusing it!

I went into my profile section, clicked on EUR, EUR page opened with an “Activate” button, clicked on that and the IBAN and BIC numbers appeared.

I was able to activate my EUR account. But I can’t use it for transfers. My bank’s online banking says that IBAN and BIC don’t match.

That kind of makes sense to me. The BIC can be deprived from an IBAN. The IBAN has a Lithuanian country code, the BIC a UK code. I’ve never seen before that country codes of an IBAN and a corresponding BIC are different.


Update: another bank accepted the IBAN. Let’s wait and see if the transfer goes thru.

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I’m having issues topping up to the Lithuanian EUR IBAN from my bank. I get a “invalid beneficiary account” message from my bank. I don’t have another bank to test from, so for now I’ve topped up through the “standard” Revolut IBAN with reference number.


I have now activated my account (the activate button appeared this morning). Haven’t tried transferring any money yet though. However, I have noticed that the IBAN is 2 digits shorter than any of the others in my Template list. Hopefully this won’t be a source of problems the next time I transfer funds.

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Just checked on Wikipedia - apparently banks in Líthuania have a couple of digits fewer than other banks :slight_smile: Didn’t realise the IBAN format can differ from country to country (I thought it was standardised globally).

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The length itself of the IBAN should not be a problem. They vary from country to country.

Okay, sorry, too late. You already found that out :slight_smile:


Only just beat you to it :wink:

Okay, you guys will like this. I just transferred successfully 5 EUR to my new personal EUR account. I initiated the transfer today at 00:06 in the morning. And it already arrived. That is pretty good for an international SEPA transfer. That is even faster than most national SEPA transfers!


That’s nice! Hoping the issue with my bank gets resolved soon, so that I can take advantage of the personal EUR account!