UK Citizen on Waitlist


Hey. I’m eager to get going with my account - however I was 3000+ on wait list.
I got 2 people to join up. The both got instant access and have ordered their cards - yet I am still 1219 on the wait list.
How is this fair?!


Hi there! :slight_smile:

Did you register with a UK number? (or a number from the EU)
If not, that would explain the waiting list, which are currently in place for the US, Australia, Singapore and Hong-Kong.


Yep, used my UK number…


That’s pretty strange then, there should be no waiting list at this time for you.

@AndreasK could you look into this? Thanks! :raised_hand:


Hi there. What address did you use to sign up (just let me know the country)?


I wasn’t given the option to provide an address - purely a mobile number (from memory). I am in Aus on holiday so I might have tried my AU number before then using my UK one. Happy to provide any proof of citizenship/ residency and proof of address in UK to meet any requirements? Please let me know the next steps.


Can you please get in touch with me via a direct message?


How would I do that? As a new user I don’t seem to be able to initiate a message. Can you send me one so that I can reply, please?


Could you please try now :slight_smile: