UK Citizen on Waitlist

Hey. I’m eager to get going with my account - however I was 3000+ on wait list.
I got 2 people to join up. The both got instant access and have ordered their cards - yet I am still 1219 on the wait list.
How is this fair?!


Hi there! :slight_smile:

Did you register with a UK number? (or a number from the EU)
If not, that would explain the waiting list, which are currently in place for the US, Australia, Singapore and Hong-Kong.

Yep, used my UK number…

That’s pretty strange then, there should be no waiting list at this time for you.

@anon33247966 could you look into this? Thanks! :raised_hand:

Hi there. What address did you use to sign up (just let me know the country)?

I wasn’t given the option to provide an address - purely a mobile number (from memory). I am in Aus on holiday so I might have tried my AU number before then using my UK one. Happy to provide any proof of citizenship/ residency and proof of address in UK to meet any requirements? Please let me know the next steps.

Can you please get in touch with me via a direct message?

How would I do that? As a new user I don’t seem to be able to initiate a message. Can you send me one so that I can reply, please?

Could you please try now :slight_smile:

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Hello @anon33247966 . Im have the same problem. I have a card and I downloaded the app but was stuck on a waiting list for months. I m a resident of Portugal and if I remember correctly I used my UK number.

Which country did you specify as address? Both, the UK and Portugal should not put you in any queue.

@anon33247966 Hi Andreas - I didn’t realise that Hong Kong would have a waitlist and used my Hong Kong phone number to register (I’m travelling between Hong Kong and Indonesia for work for the next few months). I have dual citizenship (Hong Kong and the UK) - is there a way for me to get off the Hong Kong queue (3,471 on the waitlist!) and sign up as a UK citizen instead?

Hi Sarah. I have sent you a direct message so that I can help you.

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I’ve been on the wait list for several weeks now, and i’ve literally gone up one space. Signed up with my UK address and UK number, yet i’ve moved nowhere.

Could you take a look please @anon33247966?

Contact Revolut on Twitter, they should be able to help you faster.

Hi there! I have sent you a direct message so I can help you.



I’m having the same issue. I’m a UK resident and used my UK number but I have about 19,000 people ahead of me. Would you be able to help?



I have the same issue. is there any possible way to change from Revolut HK to Revolut UK?


Hello! I have the same issue… could you help?

anon33247966 (AndreasK) is a former staff member of Revolut that isn’t active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised (“anon”).

This is a user community, there is no Revolut support here.