Top-up via Bank transfer RON | Business account

As of now, on business accounts you can top-up only via bank transfer (no credit/debit card top-up).

Our business is based in Romania. Main income account is RON. Eur & USD accounts are active aswell. We work with ING bank.

You can do either a foreign bank transfer (EUR or USD) through SWIFT or local bank transfer (RON). To transfer EUR or USD through SWIFT works perfectly fine but RON can’t be transferred, as the IBAN provided from Revolut is international, which makes it mandatory to transfer as foreign payment through SWIFT. The problem is, in Romania you can’t transfer RON via bank transfer as a foreign transfer using SWIFT because RON is a local currency.

Are we the only one, who noticed this problem?

Can someone from the board advise if there will be a solution in the near future for this problem? (by providing local ibans for the foreign currencies // or allow top-up via credit/debit card on business accounts).

Thank you


maybe if you do the advanced onboarding they give you a local RON account but I doubt. SEPA/EUR seems to be the only viable way to top up a business account

i know. But that is not helpfull for bussines with activity in the rest of the euro-zone.

Romania, same as Poland or other central & eastern countries are getting funds by the customers in the local currency. So we need to top-up Revolut with the foreign currency and exchange it to EUR & USD in order to pay the supplier invoices (supplier who’s in Germany/UK/USA).


As @alejandro.mery mentioned, solution for that will be to apply for unique IBAN in RON. If you would like to explore that possibility, please drop us a message on chat.

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@rafael_revolut , we already applied for a unique IBAN in RON. Nevertheless the IBAN need’s to be located in Romania, cause you can’t transfer by law, RON - RON crossborder (it works only when top-up with credit/debit card, which is not available for business accounts)

Untill now, nobody got back to us regarding this issue. We keep on waiting.


Unfortunatelly I don’t believe you’ll ever get a local RON account, but the advanced onboarding will help you avoid having troubles when using :r: to collect funds from customers on the euro-zone and then use those funds to pay around the globe, or withdraw into your existing local business account for free

@alejandro.mery , as mentioned above, we are active on the romanian market, we purchase in EURO and USD and sell in RON. This is the system in all countries which doesn’t have the EURO as local currency. (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic etc)
We receive 80% of payments from customers in the local currency (which is RON). When you trade on a market you are assigned a territory, we still do 20% international sales and receive payments in EUR & USD but 80% of sales is from customers within the country.

Regarding of getting a local foreign currency account, a friend of us who is living in Germany and uses Revolut as personal premium account, made a simulation and requested an IBAN in RON. He received an IBAN in RON at a bank located in Germany (SWIFT WIREDEMM, which is Wirecard Bank AG), of course not a unique one, it was registered on Revolut.

If Revolut will provide a unique RON account based in UK and won’t accept top-up by Credit/Debit Card, then it is not usefull, cause as mentioned before, bank transfers in RON - RON crossborder is not possible

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I haven’t finished the advanced onboarding, but I’m pretty sure it will be multicurrency IBAN on the UK. as they don’t even have local accounts in USA yet I really don’t expect them to do that for Romania.

@alejandro.mery , me too i’m curious what they will implement. You say they havn’t got local IBAN’s in the US but they got local IBAN’s in Germany. See attached.

that’s a single account on the SEPA zone. The next could be in Italy or UK. that’s not the same as a local account following the specific operation rules of a given country. In the case of the US it would be something connected to the ACH network, not SWIFT.

I assume Romania has it’s own nation network too, but giving you an account there requires compliance with the rules of your country.

Revolut does that on the UK BACS network via a third company (Prepaid Technologies), and on the SEPA network using the wirecard bank, and to the SWIFT network via Lloyds.

Do they have someone giving them deep access to the local romanian network?, I doubt.

@alejandro.mery “Do they have someone giving them deep access to the local romanian network?, I doubt.” - who knows, i think so, yes. We just received an email from Onboarding team to fill out a forcast file with monthly volume of transactions and currency exchange.

I think they will implement a similar system to Akcenta by having their local accounts in every country and businesses just top-up by wiring to their accounts using reference numbers.

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that would be amazing :slight_smile:

Hey @inutrition, did this get resolved for you? Also, what do you mean that you are not allowed to send RON - RON cross-border transactions? This means that I won’t be able to send RON via Revolut to a Romanian IBAN?

@tudorsss Hey buddy. We got unique IBANS. You can always wire RON from Revolut to your RON accountin Romania, just not the reverse. At least ING, Banca Transilvania, Banca Romaneasca don’t accept RON transfers as SWIFT towards a RON account outside the country. We currently discuss with Unicredit Bank if they allow this type of transaction, to wire RON outside the country


+1 i’m also in the same position: i want to transfer money from ING RON account to my revolut account.

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One way is to use TransferWise borderless account and card. You wire RON to TW, and after that you top-up Revolut with the TW card.

@rafael_revolut, I top up my personal revolut (app) account by card then I transfer the money by “SWIFT” “Bank” transfer to my unique IBAN. This works but as I no longer have a top-up limit on my personal account I suspect my account might either be flagged for manual review or that I will no longer be able to top it up. Do you have any comments?
Also please check the status for local business accounts for romania, I was told that they would arrive during autumn. Thanks.

How do I apply for unique IBAN in RON because I have same problem as I cannot sent RON currency from Romanian ING BANK account account to Revolut RON account.


Hi there @Alin1
The issue here is not so much with the Iban being unique (which it should be for any Revolut account), but the fact that it’s an international Iban (Swift). If your bank allows it, you can send RON via Swift. For the moment we cannot issue local RON accounts.


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Hope it helps but Banca Transylvania allows RON via SWIFT to foreign IBANs (10 RON fee)