Top up fees charged by Revolut

Since I have revolut card, I’ve been using the same debit card to top up. Im using a debit card in Eur to top up my revolut Eur account and i was never charged a fee to top up till my last transaction. I’ve top up 150 eur and revolut charged 2.5 eur fee to top up. Im in contact with Tech support wich is looking into this query for 3 days already and saying they dont have an answer yet! I’ve also contact my bank that confirmed they do not charge fees from there side. I need to top up more but it is not fair to pay for that. Any one facing the same? Thanks


…they increased fees for non EEA-cards due to PSD2 (the new regulation in the EU); at least for cards issued in Switzerland it is confirmed…

Are you by chance using a CH-card? If not, we should start making a new thread for “countries with higher topup-fees” I think…

I face the same issue as well… but I’m not using a CH-card

Thanks The-mike. After 5 days finally revolut admited they are charging for top up. My bank is european but card is issued out off EEA (Russia). I’ve seen some similar posts here and it looks they also charge if issued in EEA. Im considering now not to use Revolut anymore, it became to expensive and there is other alternatives cards.

yeah I’m rethinking the usage of revolut, too… I never looked at it as replacement for a bank-account, but as a “prepaid-creditcard with benefits”, as I’m always a little conservative in the beginning…

Unfortunatly, I was right again.

Also, they claim these changes in rasing fees (for Swiss customers) and starting to charge if a card is non EEA-issue shall be due to PSD2. Well, my mainbank in CH said “as soon one of the involved partys is within PSD2-Area, PSD2 rules apply” (would mean: NO charges for CC-payments)…

But as the PSD2-thing is still “newly implemented”, I’ll give revolut (and the other banks) the benefit of the doubt, while I’m using the R-card also within CH (where my swiss CC has better conditions), to bring the amount of money I paid on my revolut-account down… Just to be on the safe side…

(Revolut, with these fee-issues, became totally unreliable to me; trust is earned, not given…) :-/

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I have just topped up my EUR account with a German debit card (MasterCard) and there was no top up fee.

Same here, no top up fee with my UK debit card (VISA) .

@yongeneglinton and @Dusan85

…because UK and DE are within PSD2-Area (EEA), we’ve already established the NEW fees are for cards issued outside EEA; “uproar” is because before PSD2, fees were smaller or even inexistent, while there are now…

I’ve got a French debit card and for the first time I have to pay fees … I don’t understand why ?!

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Same here. I hope it’s a bug. It is so not Revolut-like !

Maybe it’s recognized as commercial?


Please note that if you top up with a card that has not been issued within the EEA (e.g. a US based card) or you top up with a commercial card then we may charge a small fee just to cover our costs.


I am also getting a top up fee for a card issued within EEA.
Previously I have topped up using same card without fee.

What is going on?

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It looks Revolut is taking advantage of the new PSD2 normative and getting profits at all fronts. It is not a fair behaviour creating a mess and profit from that. I hope they will revert their attitude because many people is lossing the trust on Revolut.

I tried today to top up with two cards both issued in EEA and I had fees calculated for both transactions. So it seems that the Legal Agreememt displayed on Revolut website, applicable from Dec 12, 2017 is not valid, while I get tons of information on my email from them regarding Cryptocurrency launch:(


Hi everyone!
I’m trying to top up today with a debit card issued in EEA and like Mekai I have fees calculated :frowning:
Do you guys have the same problem?

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Pleas provide the support with some sort of proof that it is indeed a customer card and ask them to update their system accordingly.

Hi Frank: I did and even sent a statement of fee free top up with very same debit card.

The answer was “please, make your top-up, if you get these fees I will refund right away.”

I have add a debit card, and only for adding card i was charged 1eur fee. Not fair from Revolute, they are now making profits with everything!!!

This is an authorization only, I believe. It will be refunded.

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I think you are right… Only now i have noticed it. Thanks. Regarding top
up fees…in fact they are charging with no reason for that (