Thread of the Dead 😁

Did something happen here that suddenly so many new users are bringing old threads back from the dead? :thinking:

I was wondering the same… it is like zombie tsunami :smiley:

New users can’t create new topics. They all choose different existing ones.
Also their posts have to be approved before they are visible. If the approver does not approve with a high frequency, the posts pile up and lead to a tsunami when they are approved eventually.


props to that great Revolut employee causing chaos here :+1:
All the people trying to be helpful here are fighting a losing battle

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Is this the thread of the Dead?
For us, hanging only by a thin Thread to those
who are the dead of the thread of the Dead,
who will dread until the end of the Thread of the Dead
who will tread until the death of the thread
And then, when all is read, will see the threat
of the death of the Thread of the thread of the Dead.

I’m thinking also ‘through’ is a good slant rhyme

To be continued :smiling_imp:


:clap: :clap: :clap:
I look forward to your next effort with eager anticipation

I had so much fun :joy:

Yes I’m one of them
The problem is I can’t use up to contact via chat.
Can’t create new topic to show my problem.(new uers can’t)
Wrote 2 messeges/pm’s to @AndreasK one 12days ego , one 6 days ego with no answear/reply.
There is no email or phone number to contact support in such a case.
I am helpless over this :disappointed:
There should be some way to solve these problems like “impossible to contact support via chat”

Exactly - I am a new user with a problem, and I can’t see how to add a new topic or thread. No use me just adding it to a random one as you say. Am I missing something obvious - how to add a new post? Makes you feel a bit stupid.

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No idea how to work this site, just want someone from Revolut to contact me about the fact that I can’t use my card…!!!

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Nope, you’re not missing something.
To create a topic you need to have trust level Member or higher.
For a reply to an existing topic to show up immediately the same applies. If not Member or higher your post is checked first by a Revolut employee.

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:scream: Now the zombies are even taking over this topic… :wink:


Try contacting them by DM/PM on Twitter. Or post your problem on Twitter and big chance they will ask you to contact them by DM/PM. Cc @nmadgwick @Perterdale

Alternatively, you can also:


You can’t message them on twitter. :thinking: My problem is that when I have the app open and I plug in a pin number it says they have sent me a passcode. I go to messages to get it and it kicks me out of the app. so i have to start again and keep going round in circles.

Thanks PoelieV. It would really be helpful if they communicated more directly that it’s impossible for new members to create new topics - I’m among the probably many people who have spent quite some time searching, reading guidelines, and feeling stupid :confused:

This is just crazy - it is the newbies who are most likely to need the assistance of the Community.

Same here! I can no longer use my card and now trying to solve this ASAP

As one of those noobs who needs to have every post approved by our overlords, if you can read this then this post got approved.

At least 50% of attempted posts have been deleted without explanation even though they’ve all added value or asked a reasonable question. That’s not very welcoming of noobs on Revolut’s part.

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