Sudden cut-off from support at 18.00

I had fraudulent activity happening in my account and thus needed immediate suport. I contacted the support at 17.50 and the ensuing conversation with support staff abruptly ended at 18.00. I was subsequently barred from responding to the support staff’s messages who requested more information as I the support hours had officially closed for standard users.

I suggest that support staff be able to lift this restriction for the duration of a customer interaction.


Hi there.

Very sorry to hear that :frowning: Have you blocked the card from the card section of the app?

Please drop me a direct message so that I can help!


Andreas K.

Andreas, is disabling the card in the app the only option to stop suspicious activity? What happens if my card and phone get stolen? On a Friday after 6pm?

Apologies, I’ve found the answer myself:

Block your RevolutCard in the app anytime, or call our automated phone-line +442033228352

Time to write that number down somewhere safe …

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That’s right, you can block the card if you call to +442033228352.

Just to clarify, Support team is available from Mon—Fri: 6am—10pm & Sat—Sun: 12pm—6pm (UK time)