Need to change phone number


I just moved from Spain to Australia and i need to change my phone number in order to use the app. Can anybody help me please? I can’t find a support email or chat.


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Please see the attached post below. Click/tap the rightwards-facing triangle to expand content.

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Hey @fruizdiego

Did you manage to change the phone number?

Hi @anon33247966 i didn’t. I can’t contact anybody by the app’s chat. Is there any other way to contact technical support?


I will get in touch via DM!

Hello I also need to change my phone number pls! Thanks

Hey Ninja. The best way of doing this is to contact the in app support.

I’m already doing so but it’s quite urgent…

Still might be the fastest option. Since Andreas are not on the forums from morning to night :slight_smile:

I made a mistake when I gave my new phone number and I’m not even able to contact the app support

Why you are not able to contact support?

Hello AndreasK ! When I put my last number I used to log in it says wrong number or passcode

Open the app and hit “Changed your phone number”

I asked earlier today on the in app support to change my phone number and I made a mistake while giving my new phone number. And since then I can not log in (even with the wrong phone number) and whenever I ask to change my phone number nor does the last number I used to log in works nor does the phone number with a mistake works.

It’s ok I could finally log in ! Thanks for the help

@AndreasK I have an issue where the mobile and the PAYG sim registered with the revolut account has been lost. I have downloaded R to a new phone but I can not change the number from the launch screen as it is saying phone number / password not recognised. Loooking for some advice?

Have you tried to change the phone number from the welcome page?

Please follow the steps after tapping ‘Changed your phone number?’ on the Welcome screen.

@AndreasK yes i selected changed phone number, entered the old phone number, selected next, entered the pin and the app goes back to the ‘enter your old phone number page’ with a message in pink stating phone number and/or password is incorrect

I dont seem to be getting anywhere with this? Is there a number I can call?

Hey @slushfunds :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. But I think you’ll be able to sort this faster through Twitter: