Stop updating UI with a terrible UX changes

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Trying to pull some arguments like that just make you look stupid.

argument of authority is where you suggest a source has value

it’s not a bad argument to say that ive studied it, but you’d be right in saying something along the lines of “unless you can show me the degree so i can work out if your place of study was good, i don’t care”

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Sorry the whole argument of ‘I studied UX, it’s a science’ is just downright damaging at the end of the day. I’ll admit a qualification is helpful, but it’s not the be all and end all.

The mark of good UX/UI is ultimately the customer’s feedback and experience. You can spend days or weeks or years designing something based off the science, but if end users have more pain points then the platform you started with you’ve wasted your time. UX works best as an iterative process between customer and designer- not one where the UX team goes ‘we know the science’ and rubbishes any use cases the customer brings forward.

If you look at any major UX failure (e.g. multiple versions of Windows) the common theme is that they were designed with the idea that the team knew what they’re doing- with barely any end user feedback.

A major UX/UI failure Revolut has at the moment is that they’ve removed any swipes from the home page and moved all the actions to buttons in the top third of the screen- from a common sense standpoint that’s usless with the growing trend of bigger and bigger smartphones. They should be taking a leaf out of Samsung’s OneUI 2.0 and moving action buttons on to the bottom half of the screen- customers want ease they don’t want to have to be two handing their phones to see their balance!


Revolut App UX is getting increasingly worse.
I used to be quite happy with the app, showing transactions and total balance in the past.
Then they’ve hidden the running balance, but I was able to switch it back on. Obviusly not enough users were using this and they threw it out entirely. Complaining to support didn’t help.
Now I have to fist tap to See all just to see transactions from the previous month.
There is a lot I like about Revolut, but the basic listing of transactions has become really cumbersome. In Transactions section they are grouped by day with daily sum. For me it would be much more useful if it would show daily balance in the past, so I can compare with my personal finance app when there is a problem and last balance is not the same as in Revolut. To get that information, I have to open the PDF statement. It’s doable, but much more cumbersome than N26 app which shows the balance on the top when scrolling down to the past.


I’m done with Revolut.

I wanted to check an auto-exchange I had set up. It literally took me 15 minutes and a couple of Google searches to find it.

Recommendations for anything like the old Revolut welcome.


Your point makes sense to me.
High Street banks need to improve their overall experience and interface as there is an obvious lack of pretty much everything compared to the new standards.
However, I don’t get why companies disrupting the market, such as Revolut feel that they also need to work on continuous improvement harder than those that don’t even care about it.
Basically if you already set the pace for the pack to follow, why would you feel like modifying the amazing thing you created in the first place? Just to market it as brand new? Not sure how receptive the target would be.
To me, successful companies should stick to what they created and what they are bringing to the market and keep their DNA at the core of the value proposition.
Stop disrupting the disruption just to brand it as new and keep up the good work!


Well, I agree with you. However, considering the current marketing strategy relying on the lowest clicks in the industry, Revolut can definitely do better…

They’re playing the long game here. The new app design is the groundwork for several new features. The old structure wouldn’t have allowed them to make the new products and features available in a coherent way. It would have been a bad idea to cramp everything into the dashboard, which was the only place to make things like Stocks, Junior, linked accounts, available. They needed to break free from this limit. The blog post about V7 gives many hints about why they felt it’s necessary to introduce a new general design.


Well, how come a new feature such as Rewards is that deeply hidden? Still looking for that revolution to amazingly display new features then.

Did you check out the blog article? I can’t talk about rewards, it’s not available in my country yet.

Yes I did, thanks for sharing.
I agree with the vision and so far it sounds great. However, my personal feeling is that we are not there yet. For instance, Rewards just got released on my app. Fantastic push notification as always. Different story within the app.
Also maybe users will be able to fully customize the way the app displays to better highlight what matters to them or keep hidden what doesn’t deserve a proper screen.

It was a very correct design decision.

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Rewards is being moved to it’s own tab alongside cards and the dashboard etc, although i really dont like the addition of a 6th button there

It’s been removed again in iOS beta 7.5. The UI is all over the place at the moment.

I’m on iOS 7.5 beta, maybe this is some A/B testing? Or it’s not available in your country but they forgot to check this within the code so the button still appeared?

After updating, I went to, downloaded the previous version (6.39.1), installed it over the current version.

Really happy user of Revolut 6.39.1. No v7.x for me until Revolut reverses the changes and stops constantly changing the UI. Reverse it and keep it consistent please.
Just apply that EU banking license so that my money is covered, add support for instant SEPA and add approval of sepa debits. No need to modify the UI. Put that UI team in maintenance mode pls.


Maybe. I have the UK version of Revolut.

I did that and I suggest to everyone who has iphone. My iphone has backups on the iCloud and I restored my phone before 20days. I cancelled every update from Revolut and I am a happy user that I can see all my transactions on the first screen without seeing this annoying widget “to invite my friends” plus I can see my spending on the currency that happened.

I will never update Revolut unless they fired the UI team they hired the last 1-2months… probably they are from N26 or Monzo.


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I’m also British. It must be A/B testing to see if customers like it or not, for the reference @ArsenG (since you’re part of the iOS team) the extra tab for Rewards does not sit well with me or anyone I’ve shown it to

It may be worth clarifying how Rewards will be paid on the page too, and specifying if “Revolut card” excludes Apple Pay or not; Uber rejected my claim due to this and then told me they couldn’t do anything despite me paying via Apple Pay (through my Revolut card)

I had to file a chargeback against them