Stop updating UI with a terrible UX changes

Why you guys keep changing the app (most of the time to the worse UX)?

We used to be able to switch quickly between the accounts and see the main currency value. For example switching to bitcoint I could see how much eur I have of my bitcoint. Now all I can see is 1 account and you have to switch from the menu, and most annoying thing is that you cant see how much money is your different currencies worth! You have to go to exchange and enter the full amount of the other currency.

Cmon, dont trash your app like this. Who on earth thought it was a good idea? At least give the users the right to fully customize their app appearance. Now all you can change is the balance chart.



I have some knowledge about this field so I thought I’d take a second to give some thoughts about your post

You can see the amount in your base currency, underneath the value in the domestic currency (if you can’t, tap “Bitcoin” or “Japanese Yen” etc underneath and it’ll show there)

I can also say from an objective perspective Revolut UX has only gotten better - it’s not a “this feels better to me” kind of deal. UX is a science.

For example button placement and amount of taps to get to something, the new dashboard allows a lesser amount of taps allowing you to interact with what you want to interact with, faster.

Ease of understanding is also definitely there, there’s nothing in the Revolut UI that’s inherently confusing.

What they could improve on for a better user experience is helping us consume information faster, by working on their merchant data and adding more icons (or even reducing it to just generic icons) and making sure merchant names are correct

I’m going to sum it up really simply - it’s a stupid idea

Imagine if Revolut go through 20 designs of their app over the next 50 years.

And they make a toggle so you can choose whichever you like.

It’s going to be extremely annoying to maintain 20 different styles (and if they do it just for this one they can’t say no to the guy who asks for the next one to be an option) as they have to update for new operating system versions (iOS 14, Android 11 etc) and its also going to be incredibly confusing within the app with the amount of toggles that would be required to give full app customization

I think removing the balance tracker is fairly good to allow us to remove customization wise, minimal and it’s always going to be in the design and in your face, but removable. A compromise between form and function.

Same with the customization factor of the dashboard, but this is only possible to implement because they are core Revolut features. Revolut wants you to use them but understands it’s clutter to show you 8 things you don’t need when you use only the other 12 of 20 things. As such it’s a lot easier to keep you as a customer if you can just easily find your way around your account without having to state credit facilities in the face.

I can’t defend all of Revolut’s business choices but I can say their UI/UX is smashing and incredibly advanced particularly for its field.

If you want to criticize them, it’s much better to go and complain about the preventable weekend FX markup or the lack of willingness to display correct merchant data


The dashboard view has been changed in the beta 6.20 or 6.21 few days ago. For me, it is still ok. I can see sum of all funds only in different view.
New dashboard screenshot:

Same for me, on 6.21 beta (Android) right now and it definitely did not get better.
The option to swipe left or right to switch between different currencies is gone.

UX is a science, but why make things more complicated if it’s not necessary?
Switching between currencies took one swipe, now it’s two taps, how is that any better?


iOS is only at 6.20 my apologies - I thought beta versions would be at parity :sweat_smile: for obvious reasons

Can you show me the screen after you tap the button? My guess is it makes it easier if you have lots of currencies that you don’t have to swipe through 10 of them

They’ve also made it very easy to see you can tap to bring it down. The little things in UX is always what makes it extremely polished vs trash

Should you not show me the screen after I’ll reply to the thread when they update the beta next for iOS

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I came here to start a topic about this change. I fully agree with OP, I really preferred the swiping method. The new one is a lot worse for me. I understand that the new method can be better for someone having 20 different active accounts, but thats just a tiny-winy little friction of all the users.

I’d really prefer to roll back this change or at least make it an option.


I agree that’s an awful change.
Not showing the currency equivalent in your base currency is a bad change as well.


I don’t like this change as well. I guess the average user does not have too many currecnties listed, so swiping is a very convenient and fast method for switching. For the user with 5+ currencies, even the new one does not give you a decent overview as you’ll need to scroll down the list to reach all of them. If one really needs a list, the Dashboard would be the better place than on this main screen the average user probably most often checks.

The missing conversion into the main currency does not help either, I would welcome if this is added back to the screen.


Okay. I’m still standing by UI/UX is a science.

I don’t understand what man of science they’ve got in their vision on this one though.

Like, it makes infinite sense for travelers who are going to be using only one currency at a time for 99% of transactions. But Revolut wants to be a bank as well.

I need to be able to easily see my net assets in the account, at the least.

I think it’s probably quite a majority of the extremely profitable users though. Ones spending thousands outside of the EU.

I must say though - I deactivate my accounts after I’m done with using them, and I don’t think it’s much of a hassle to reactivate them when the time comes after.

This new UI actually makes that usage more annoying too, tbh, as I can see all deactivated accounts there.

I honestly don’t get this change - looking from an objective perspective or a subjective one.

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UI/UX is a lot of things, but definitely not a science.

There are many types of users, countless use cases, and even more personal work flows and tastes. Good UI/UX is always subjective and different for every user. Even the best UI/UX is just a somewhat decent tradeoff. Given the high level of subjectivity it is much more of an art than anything else.


That’s an incorrect take

Which you break down into user personas

Which would be included in your user personas (what and how they’ll be using your application for)

You can only generalize across your user base - you’re not able to tailor a product to everyone unless you’re charging tens of thousands per user

Nope. You may subjectively dislike something but that doesn’t mean it’s bad UX, for instance N26. Used to like it, now I don’t.

I still think it’s a good UX though due to the number of taps, dragging payments between spaces ability and button placement

Yes, a calculated trade off based on what your designer thinks will be the flow of most users using your platform

It’s a science :grimacing:

Guesswork, very inexact – not science.

Of course it is for me.

Taps are not everything. If users don’t understand a UI or if users don’t like it, it is a bad experience (the X). Some measurable variables may be correlated, but ultimately a design’s objective UX quality is the total of subjective user experiences, not measurable qualities.

Your definition of science. But yes, this is what is happening.


Anyway, we should stop derailing this thread. I think horizontal scrolling or a drop-down list is mostly a matter of preference. The list is easier to understand for new users, but it is less fancy, and in its current form it lacks some information. I think if Revolut were to add the value in the account’s base currency everyone would be OK with the change.

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I don’t really mind the new interface regarding my different accounts, not bad for me. But I do mind I can’t see the currency equivalent in my base currency. Please make someting in between…like when you tap to choose an account, just show the equivalent under the actual amount, would be better.

Thank you


I came here to voice this exact issue. The recent UI changes are awful. Can’t swipe left or right to quickly switch between currencies - instead we have to tap and search and tap again in the drop down menu.

But worst of all, we can’t see various currencies automatically converted into base currency, which for me was a life saver.

I am completely baffled by these changes, they make ZERO sense. I cannot see a single advantage to this new system and I sincerely hope people in charge are reading the forums… BRING IT BACK!


I know, it’s ridiculous. I can no longer see the value of crypto currencies on my account, can only see the overall balance. Losing the swipe function is not a major problem but not being to see the worth of cryptos again native currency is.


I too do not like this new change . Also I can’t see what I am typing as the keyboard now covers the reply text box.
I need to see what the various currencies are worth in my usual currency and I like the a ility to scroll between the differing currencies


Totally agree that tapping twice instead of swiping once is worsening. Also it seems that the account sorting is broken now: my USD account was second (out of 5), it’s still second in the account manager, but it’s now the last one in the new account switch view.

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I so agree , why change something that ain’t broke , absolutely pointless all we want is to see what our account are worth at a glance change it back please .


I totally agree with gwidaz. The apps was better before this update. Have more steps to see how much your currency worth. Very annoying when you have to do it multiple time per day when trading. :angry:


Hi everyone. I’m not in beta and I received an update today (Android) and now I also have this new dashboard. Like you said the worst thing is that now you cannot know how much you have in the different currencies (based on your main currency account). I hope revolut will roll back this change!