Stop updating UI with a terrible UX changes

Agree 100 %

Cannot see how much crypto is in euro any more… And easy swipe between accounts is gone… Terrible


This is awful. I have my money in various different cryptocurrencies and I have no way of seeing at a glance how much these are now worth. Without being able to see how much money I have in each account, there really is no point in having a revolut account, and if it isnt changed, I will have to cancel.
A bank where you cannot see how much is in each account is really useless.


I don’t have the update yet (on iOS). But it seems to me that they’re wasting a lot of space. Why do they have a “View details”? If you are in an account chooser with a close button on the top left, any other action should just select the account. Something like this:

with all the wasted space this would have been the perfect opportunity to show them in tiles e.g. 2 currencies per row which would display way more information.
As it is now, I can see 4 currencies at most.

I don’t think “view details” is that bad as you can access the details without switching the currency.
However, there is still enough space to display the base currency equivalent.

Not all phone displays are big. Size matters a lot in this case.

Hmm I don’t see a real problem with this new update except that it would be nice to see the converted value and the option to reorder the currencies.

I prefer tapping two times than scrolling an hour. Maybe it could be like the graph, an optional thing, depending on the preference.

Still no dark mode :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Yes, get the swiping back immediately.
This was the worst upgrade so far.


Exactly same for me ! Came here to understand why the swipping method has disapprared. I don’t like the new dropdown list, less convenient.

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Scrolling is quick and easy to use. It doesn’t take an hour…

How can I find out what is the euro value of my crypto accounts now? I see a total but no breakdown for each account. Frustrating


Clicking 2 times is also easy and you have a better overview. But it’s my own opinion and preference :wink:

Clicking 2 times is also easy and you have a better overview. But it’s my own opinion and preference

Thats not the main issue… I can live with taping once to switch accounts… The main problem for me and for many users who posted here is that they removed the ability to quickly view the conversation of your different accounts to the main account balance. Even by tapping to change the accounts, you cant see the balance to your main account currency AND EVEN after tapping to see the details, even then they are not showing up! So the only way to actually see it is via conversation which is just ridiculous

If you have just 1 eur account, thats not an issue for you.

I did not realized that this topic received such a hot discussion, but I think Revolut did fucked up this one badly. They should be very careful with how they mess up the UI as there are hundreds of apps trying to enter this business every day and many of them offer a very good deals and have an amazing UI.

At least give the user right to customize their app to their needs.

P.S. To those saying that UI is a science - its not… Its common sense more likely or users convenience and habits.


Can I ask what’s even the point of knowing your foreign currency balances in domestic currency?

$10 in America isn’t £10 here, what you can buy with it varies

For example in Poland a kebab is like £2-3 and here it’s £6

The purchasing power is different - raw amount doesn’t matter

As someone who studied it (and has a diploma including that) I’m telling you it’s a science :+1:

I think it is very important, after all most people have an income in one currency and when I spend money abroad, I don’t care that a kebab is let’s say 0.1% of the local average salary, I gotta know how much money I am actually spending in relation to my income. Same with assets - I gotta know how much it is absolutely and for most people the home country currency is probably the best point of reference.


Like I said, if you have 1 account, that wont make any difference to you. For me this is a whole point of the app. Seeing no balance in a main currency is useless. Cryptos, other currencies, especially for those people who are trading thats the key.


The swiping between the accounts was the easiest way.
Of course, is good to see the amounts in your base currency.
The changes are like “well we have to do something new……”


I assumed the change in accessing accounts was tied up with the launch of supporting UK’s Open Banking. When fully implemented if I linked all my possible accounts I would be adding 12 in addition to :r: currencies. Swiping between those would be hopeless.

I assumed the change in accessing accounts was tied up with the launch of supporting UK’s Open Banking. When fully implemented if I linked all my possible accounts I would be adding 12 in addition to :r: currencies. Swiping between those would be hopeless.

I have 7 and I had no problem at all.

Updates are to improve or to fix something… They did opposite of it. There are multiple companies, apps, websites who lost their entire user base because of a horrible UI changes.

They did not need to fix anything, there was no need of an “improvement” to this side. I hope they will revert this nonsense or add some extra improvements or so the user can chose how they want to see their main screen.

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I disagree even the current 7 I have are so much quicker to navigate from a drop down box than from the awful swipe we previously had.

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When I’m going abroad the only thing that matters is the local currency and the pricing there

I don’t go to Poland and go “I wonder how much of my UK income I’m spending” I look, while I’m in the UK “how much do I think I’ll spend for a 2 week trip to Poland” and then I budget that much in zł

If you’re worrying about your income while planning for a holiday or while you’re on one - why are you on holiday?

Maybe we just think differently

I don’t think my asset worth US$13 is worth £10. I think it’s worth US$13, because you don’t diversify your assets into different currencies and holdings to then work in a single currency to begin with. You did it to reduce your exposure to markets, and with currency fluctuations when you have a significant amount of holdings your assets could wildly vary in local currency value

I have every single currency account in Revolut opened (not incl crypto)

It makes no difference to me - because I work in foreign currencies when using them. I don’t have £70 in USD, I have $100

Maybe it’s because I actually have a use for foreign currencies and maybe it’s because I diversify my funds across currencies too, but I think you should always work in local currencies. Helps you avoid tourist traps too.

Their integration sucks too tbh. I took my £5 cashback and unlinked it. Such a waste.

They need to add merchant enrichment and renaming of merchants to make it even somewhat decent, and they need to recognize when I send funds to a linked savings account (which they don’t with my bank)

Could you name me one? I’ve actually never seen a company with more than 7m customers lose an entirety of their user base unless it’s because they run out of cash and go into liquidation

To add my coin into the hat though I actually did prefer the old style. I also wish they’d let you close currency accounts rather than just making them inactive…